Junkshops asked to help stop power line theft in Mindanao

The hunt for power line thieves takes on a new phase as the National Transmission Corporation (Transco) meets with Mindanao’s junk shop sector, a Transco official said.

Lawyer Mario Andres, Transco regional legal counsel, told reporters they are intensifying the drive to prevent Mindanao’s power transmission lines from being easily toppled down.

He said they do not want a repeat of what happened to 147 transmission towers that collapsed during the super typhoons Milenyo and Reming last year because some parts of the towers were pilfered. He pointed out that it will take the government hundreds of millions of pesos to restore the fallen towers.

He said they are working with the junk shops to dissuade them from buying metal parts from the transmission lines.

He said they wanted to maximize prevention efforts by talking directly with the sector, who he said are the main buyers of stolen power line  parts.

Transco identified 15 metal parts including bolts, wires, lattices, light weight tower, screws, steel arms, clamps, insulators, and dampers.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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