From “conflict” to “vulnerable” areas: a government shift on developing Mindanao?

From “conflict areas” development programs will be flowed, too, to “vulnerable areas” in Mindanao, Peace Process Adviser Sec. Jesus Dureza said in a press conference Wednesday.

Dureza said this as he announced “up scaling” of development effort in Mindanao a day after participants of a conference reviewing frameworks of development in the island proposed at least three policy recommendations challenging present development efforts.

Dureza said the change of term embodies a shift to the flow of resources not only in conflict areas but also to “poor communities that equally need assistance”.

He could not yet, however, reveal details on how the areas would be identified.

He announced that the Mindanao Working Group, composed of international donor agencies and government officials, has adapted the three recommendations during a meeting at the Marco Polo hotel Wednesday.

Among the recommendations, Dureza said, include the putting up of a peace and development fund to upscale intervention for peace and development in Mindanao.

He also cited they adopted the recommendation to use a community driven framework of development.

Dureza said they also accepted the proposal to provide incentives to local government units that performed well in delivering development work. He said this will give leverage to deserving local government units to gain more projects.

He said the three recommendations, which he said will be put forward to the Philippine Development Forum in Cebu on March 8 to 9, are centered on capacitating the LGUs.


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