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Take over in South Cotabato mining venture

BIG mining firm Xstrata Copper took over running the Tampakan copper-gold project last week, which closes the exercise option agreement with Indophil Resources NL. The deal gave Xstrata  control over 62.5 percent shares of the venture according to the company’s press release

Indophil retains a 32.5-percent interest in the project and has rights to acquire a further 5 percent.

This report from MindaNews said that under the terms of the option agreement dating back to September 2000 and exercised by Xstrata Copper in December 2006, Xstrata Copper has paid Indophil a net A$49.3 million for a 62.5-percent interest in Sagittarius Mines Inc, the statement said.

An Indophil official said the completion of the option agreement is a key step in the two-billion ton mineral resource project. Read full story here.


Eden, Adam comes!

Photo by Melissa Christina Santos Grabbed from

Finally, a much needed “break.”

I’ll be off to Eden in an hour to breath some fresh air and get a world view atop the highlands of Toril.

But make no mistake. It is still work in a different venue. “Off-site” they say. The Alternative Law Group will hold a press forum and I’ll be expecting some more information feeds.

At least it takes me away from the odor of work as in WORK. Read More…

Panambaya sa world!

Hello world!

I have shifted to a new theme to mark some changes with Istambay sa Mindanao.
Actually just some additions and probably adjustments in the frequency and manner of posting. This blog as you know is a work in progress. (Probably in the near future I’ll be able to invest in a domain. But while I’m still pondering on leaving my frebbie stage, I’ll have to contend with what I have.

For now I’ll say something about two additions. I decided to venture on using my sidebar for some facts both peeping into the past (“Looking Back”) and also on the future (“Eyeing Ahead”)

I’m thinking of scouring for materials that make us remember what happened in Mindanao in the past when most of us have no or least memory about. Thanks to a number of good books as sources, I mustered some courage to make my blogging life more complicated by going into this. God-Allah-Mambabaya may have mercy. Read More…

Honing Davao’s traffic enforcers?

Lengthy speeches by police officials mostly from Manila amid scorching heat marked the opening of the city government’s motorcycle driving course training program Friday.

Some people were too insensitive, especially if you put yourself in the situation of the trainees. They were in a formation outside the shed for the sun to dry up (in a very high temperature afternoon!). The officials were of course in the shed doing their monologues.

Well, on second thoughts, maybe it was just part of the rigors of training – spartan so to speak.

Luckily Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s speech was not boring and that a professional and well trained rider from Cagayan de Oro showed-off some bike stunts. Some were amazed, while others were left asking what was that for?

There were 42 commissioned and non-commissioned police officers in the training. The move was meant to beef up capacity of the Traffic Management Group to help keep in order the city’s traffic situation including pursuing fugitives-on wheels.

The joke was off: at the end of the training each of them could ride the bike like this:


(Istambay photo courtesy of City Information Office)

In the sidelines, Mayor Duterte was eyeing the bike exhibitionist flaunting his stunts.

“I want to do that, that’s what I want to do!,” the popular big-bike driver who happens to be the mayor of the city told reporters.

“Parental Guidance needed,” I joked on my colleagues and to children from the slum area at the back of SM City among the spectators .

Oh, that is if the kids could afford to buy big bikes someday. We’ll never know, really.

Quickie: Navigating the Genuine Opposition’s blog


The Genuine Opposition’s website was launched on March 21. It is actually a blog. Visit the website to see for yourself.

First, my review: “It’s a work in progress”. Of course I can’t help but churn some of my observations.

The blog’s blue and green Word Press theme comes easy for eyeing and over-all it looks cool. It could contrast this campaign’s typical ballistics.

The blog is still very textual, lacking in images or graphics (look who is talking! As if his blog is better.)

The “Let’s GO” tag at the upper right part of the header could show the opposition’s supposed dynamism. Read More…

In Koronadal, smoking is allowed… in the morgue

Written by Allen V. Estabillo / MindaNews   

KORONADAL CITY (MindaNews/29 March) – You want to light up a cigarette while visiting the provincial hospital here? You’re welcome to do so but only at the morgue. 

Oficials of the South Cotabato provincial hospital have issued a directive requiring persons who want to smoke to go straight to the hospital’s morgue.    

“The law requires us to designate a smoking area so we picked the morgue,” said Dr. Edgardo Sandig, South Cotabato health officer. 

Sandig said they decided to impose the rule because of the continued violation of the hospital’s “no smoking” policy by visiting relatives or acquaintances of patients.  Read More…

Four Zubiris running in polls

DAVAO CITY – Another candidate from the Zubiri family is gunning for a seat in government as a member of the House of Representatives: businessman Jose Ma. Zubiri III, son of the incumbent governor and brother of Team Unity senatorial candidate Juan Miguel.

This brings to four candidates from the Zubiri family in the May 2007 elections, including re-electionist Malaybalay City vice Mayor Iñaki W. Zubiri, nephew of the governor.


Zubiri III will gun for the post of his brother Juan Miguel, who is on his last term as representative of Bukidnon’s sugar-rich third district.

Lawyer Fabian Gardonez (PMP) is the younger Zubiri’s only opponent in the third district.

Incumbent Gov. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri, Jr. (Lakas CMD), who vowed upon election in 2001 to complete three terms, is running again. Bukidnon 1 st District Rep. JR Nereus Acosta (LP) will challenge Zubiri.
Read More…