Davao chamber decries wage board exec replacement

The National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) replaced one of the two representatives of the business community to the regional wage board ahead of time in what the Davao business chamber called a “unilateral move”.

But chamber officials cut-off speculations the move is a repercussion
of the bolting of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Inc. (DCCCII) from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The chamber bolted PCCI last year over allegations the group’s
national officials unilaterally decided on re-configuration of chamber

The NWPC informed Bienvenido Cariaga, the employers’ representative to
the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board (RTWPB), in a
letter dated Feb. 28 that his term expired on Feb. 2 upon President
Arroyo’s appointment of a new representative.

Cariaga, whose five-year term ends in May 2007, has been appointed to
the wage board first in 1994. He was then the chamber’s president.

Cariaga said he was surprised with the change as he was still able to
attend the latest meeting of the regional wage board in the second
week of February.

RTWPB has representatives from the government, labor and the business sector.

Cariaga named his replacement as Rebecca del Rosario Recto, 41, from
Tagum City.

DCCCII’s lawyer-member Enrique Diola said Recto was not among those
whom the business community endorsed to the Department of Labor and
Employment (DOLE) to become a member of the RTWPB.

The chamber, Diola said, will challenge the appointment since they do
not know Recto and they did not endorse her. Thus, her capacity to
truly represent the interests of the business community is
questionable, he added.


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  1. kevstelo says :

    I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on digg.com or slashdot.

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