Most of 2004 poll cheating not in Mindanao – Pimentel

Most of the cheating that occurred in the 2004 Presidential elections did not happen in Mindanao, senatorial bet Aquilino Pimentel III said as the Genuine Opposition slate began a three-day campaign sortie in the island’s southern part Wednesday.    Pimentel told MindaNews in an interview after a press briefing of the sortie Wednesday, contrary to what has been purported in the media most of the cheating occurred in the Visayas and in Luzon, not in Mindanao.

He said it is true cheating occurred in some parts of the island but he specified that massive cheating happened in areas such as Cebu, Pasig, Isabela, and Ilocos Norte.

Pimentel said he pointed the issue out so that the public will not only watch against poll cheating in Mindanao. He said cheating is a nation-wide operation, not just a Mindanao affair.

He said President Arroyo’s alleged 1 million vote gap over the late Fernando Poe Jr. was not traced to Mindanao, but in Cebu and other areas in Luzon.  

He argued that the misconception that Mindanao is home to poll cheating must be corrected, even if he calls for greater vigilance.   

Pimentel was reacting to a question on the mechanisms put in place by the opposition to ensure they will not be cheated in May.


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