Opposition bets flaunt Mindanao links to lure voters

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / March 9) – “Kinsa ang mga Bol-anon diri (Who
among you are from Bohol?),” opposition senatorial candidate Sonia
Roco asked the crowd at Thursday night’s rally of the Genuine
Opposition. A hundred hands went up in response.

Heartened by the response, Sonia asked again the crowd for Bicolanos,
since her late husband, Raul, was one.

Roco spoke on her advocacy on education, women’s rights and employment
saying this was rooted on her late husbands “unfinished work”.

As the campaign gears up, senatorial bets like Roco were harping on
their regional affiliations and connections of however distant to win
the hearts and minds of the Mindanao voters.

Lawyer and bar topnotcher Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, touted by the
opposition as its voice from Mindanao, said he can be Mindanao’s
champion in the Senate. He said Mindanao has limited voice in the
national government.

He said his priority issues include peace and order in Mindanao and
the development of  agriculture and fisheries.

He proposed a unified body to be called “Mindanao Economic Development
Authority” to push Mindanao progress. The government put up the
Mindanao Economic Development Council or MEDCo in 1992 to promote and
coordinate all sectors for Mindanao’s socio-economic thrust.

Roco, Pimentel and the rest of the opposition’s 11 senatorial
candidates, except for detained military leader Antonio Trillanes IV,
were in the rally, amid allegations they could not come together in
one rally. (To be updated)


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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