Politics of Naming a Child (2)

I think talking too much about my family, as if we were royalty, is taking its toll on me. It means exposing too much privacy, unnecessarily.

But babies are royalty. I think the coming to life of a baby signify heavenly blessings. To us, it is invigorating. It is a fresh start for the family.

As I was trying to justify that this topic should land on my blog, I tried to pit it with supposed “power clashes” in giving names. I surmise it could also be a worthwhile topic (at least based on Cat’s comments on my first entry on this topic).

Anyway, this sequel is for some updates.

Three days before cut-off time, our family’s new “baby boy” (Politics of Naming a Child, 08 March 2007) finally got his name: “Benedict Jay.”

His parents sent me a text message after I asked them about their decision and I was told it was final. That’s it. No explanation, just an announcement.

Our sister (the one who suggested he should be given two names, one of them her ex-boyfriend’s.) said “Benedict” was a consensus. “But he should have two names,” she said.

I found out from my nephew over the phone that younger sister INSISTED on giving Benedict a second name.

Because the baby’s father wanted it short, he suggested a compromise. He agreed to two names, but the second one better be short, like “Jay”.

From this experience, I have observed how each advocate tried to assert their “piece of cake” and allowed some compromises, too.

I really hope peace processes like that between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front were as easy.

Anyway, it has been a discussion in the family since months before. You know, sometimes children ask questions like: how did I get my name? Why didn’t you name me this or that.

I hope that naming the baby “Benedict Jay” was a decision the family could call its own.

So this morning, the parents went to the hospital and the local civil registrar to formalize that as far as the law is concerned, Benedict Jay now exists.

(Of course, I can only flaunt a wide grin.”Benedict” was one of my suggestions.)


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