(Updated) Microsoft-backed training and certification in Davao


(Photo grabbed from Blogie Robillo’s I.T. Talks blog. Edu Pro’s Jaime Garchitorena and Microsoft Philippines’ Mylene Castillo at the launching in Davao’s The Venue.)

This looks like plugging. Strictly, however, this isn’t hard sell.

I went to the press conference of the launching of a Microsoft-backed learning center in Davao City on Thursday. Read the story here.

Microsoft built a partnership with two Philippine entities, Edu Pro from Manila and iThink Technologies, Inc. from Davao. The aim: provide a training center and Microsoft certification facility for Mindanawons.

Executives of the group took time explaining how significant their initiative is in fueling Davao City’s and even Mindanao’s capacity to ride on information technology growth in the Philippines (Well, BPOs for that matter).

Young enterpreneur Jaime Garchitorena, who heads Edu Pro, said it is a catch up move to boost local capacity to embrace IT-based industries.

Jaime explained that practically, the school well produce certified IT professionals who are competitive. They’ll have qualifications that conform to international standards.

Apparently, Jaime and his group (including Ali Jaleel, Microsoft’s Asia Pacific sales director and iThink’s visionary Jun Mercader and two others) were selling an IT education that is more than a four year course could offer.

Could it pose IT schools like AMA, STI, and other colleges and universities, a run for their money? We were told it will complete or upgrade qualifications of their graduates to be more attractive for hiring.

Unfortunately, apart from it being a bit costly (I didn’t say expensive!) it might also add to the brain drain for now.

Jaime of course gamely addressed the questions. He defended that these professionals could come back if they see a competitive jump pad here later.

This seems to me part of an effort for the Philippines to flaunt its capacity for IT investors to come in, so that they will really invest and hire these IT professionals.

“It’s a chicken and egg thing,” Jaime said. Right, I agree. But is Davao ready? Do we have enrollees to get the ball rolling? More blogs on IT in Davao City here.


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2 responses to “(Updated) Microsoft-backed training and certification in Davao”

  1. Blogie Robillo says :

    hello there! i was there at the microsoft launch too. i was wondering if there’d be other bloggers there as well… i find your blog very interesting, so i’ve decided to include your feed in the davao blog aggregator site, Davao Blogspace. btw, we will be having the first-ever davao bloggers’ party on 17 march. i hope you can join us!

    • blackdragon says :

      nag start napo vah school kasi interested ako mag enrol kasi demand yan diro overseas ang microsoft certified..may cisco na ako balak ko MCSA kuha ako

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