From Matina to Munich


Guten Tag!

In 2009, I imagine myself to be among chosen passengers of the maiden flight of Lufthansa’s new 500-seater A380, which supposedly will be the world’s largest long-range aircraft in civil aviation.

What I will be doing in Germany, I would still plan out. I have at most two years to plot my itinerary.

By that time, I hope the Davao International Airport is already open to flights not only for carriers in the BIMP East ASEAN Growth Area, but also from Europe and other parts of the world.

Indeed I’m dreaming. But traveling to Europe’s cities was opened to me when I joined a press conference of Europe’s second largest carrier, Lufthansa last month.

Christopher Zimmer, Lufthansa general manager for Philippines Guam and Micronesia, said they are eying the Davao market. No, no Lufthansa flights yet to Davao, but he said they are luring tourists from Davao or from Europe to travel to each other’s destination. Market positioning, right?

Lufthansa joined the Davao Travel Expo here, which gathered travel companies and other players to an international exhibition at the SM City.

Zimmer found Davao to be very clean, a far-cry from Metro Manila.

The travel executive was a willing lecturer not only about his company but also about various topics like travel to Europe, European tourists’ view of the Philippines, governance in the Philippines and what needs to be done for the tourism industry, the Euro, among many others.

Traveling to Europe has more appeal to me than any other destination. Yes, I prefer a trip to a European city, like Munich, Berne, Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseilles, Manchester, Oslo, or even the Vatican.

I know Europe is very beautiful with its historical appeal. But it is not only the past that Europe could show, a friend of mine in Copenhagen would say.

He said here you see not just the past, but the unveiling present, and the future.

Well, noted. It’s good to know that, I told him. For now, I’ll be satisfied with turning the pages of the Lufthansa flight magazine I got hold of.

If I have some money to burn, in the meantime I’ll travel to Samal’s dive sites, swim in Mati’s beautiful beaches, or work on my dream task of taking photos of Bukidnon’s changing landscapes.

I haven’t even done that.Thug! Now that’s a reality check.

At least, I have a dream, right? Hast du es? (Do you have it?)


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4 responses to “From Matina to Munich”

  1. Blogie Robillo says :

    Sie köaut;nnen Deutsch sprechen? Das ist sehr interessant! Wann ich ganz ein Junge war, hab’ ich Deutsch studiert, aber jetzt kann ich nur ein bisschen…

    Lisod man uy! Magbinisaya na lang ta! 😉

  2. Waltzib says :

    Danke Schon Blogie!

    haha. I was pretending I know how to speak Deautsch. You know part of the dream. But really, learning German is interesting. Pero sa tinuod lang ako lang gipalisudlisuran akong kinabuhi – may pa bitaw mag Binisaya!

    Salamat gyud sa imong pag include nako sa Davao Blogspace. I don’t know if I deserve to be there because it seems to be a community of IT professionals.

    Pero daghang salamat gyud. Honestly igo ra ko nilili sa launching didto sa The Venue kay nag cover ko ato sa rally sa Genuine Opposition didto sa Rizal Park (pakialamero man gud!).

    Pero I believe in the idea of certification and its role in boosting our local professionals’ edge in the quest to make Davao an IT hub. I think it is just right for our IT professionals to invest in this.

  3. Blogie Robillo says :

    on the contrary, the bloggers in davao are not mostly IT professionals. if you take a look at the davao blogspace, only a handful talk about IT over there. 🙂

    adto sa party karong 17th ha? naa man sila jojie og mga photogs ngadto.

  4. Mindanaw says :

    Blogie, tan-awon jud nako kay naa ko sked ana Bukidnon sa March 16 to 18. Ill try my best to squeeze in. Salamat, na pud.

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