OIC: Nur indispensible in Jeddah three party talks

Sayed Kareem el-Masry, special envoy of the Organization
of Islamic Conference arrived in Manila 07 March (Wednesday) for
consultations on the tripartite talks in Jeddah and to ask,
again, the government to pave the way for MNLF chair Nur Misuari’s attendance in thepreparatory conference and meeting proper.

Patricio Diaz in his column yesterday quoted El-Masry as saying: “I have said often and openly that we sincerely believe he is indispensable to the success of the peace

And of his attendance at the talks, “This is a matter within
the government and, of course, we’d like him presiding over MNLF
leadership during the meetings.”

El-Masry clarified that the OIC is not pressuring the government. “We
are just airing our view as we have always done.” That’s diplomatic
language not to be mistaken.

He sounded optimistic about the holding of the meeting: “So we have
been promised that the procedure will be expedited in order to set
aside this hurdle and proceed with the main goal.”

The March 17 preparatory talks in Jeddah appear certain. The
attendance of Misuari still hangs. Can the Arroyo government
disappoint the OIC?


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