Election War Chest?

The Genuine Opposition senatorial bets has accused the administration’s Team Unity of using public funds in their campaign, one through the help of local government leaders allied with President Arroyo.Taguig Pateros Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano said TU is using government funds when mayors and governors organize rallies for the administration ticket in their areas.

Sorsogon Rep. Francis Escudero hit it in his speech at the GO’s Davao City rally on March 9.

“Ang sabi nila (TU), nawawalan na daw ng pondo ang oposisyon sa kampanya. Ang dapat na tanong, bakit marami silang pera at kayo (mga tao) wala?!” [They (TU) say, the opposition has run out of funds for the campaign. The question is, why do they have a lot of money and you (the public) do not have?!”]

The incumbent always receives this vile. They have the capacity to do so, right?

It really makes me think, too. The government has worked for the release of at least P1.9 billion from the coco levy fund allegedly for the rehabilitation of the coconut plantations devastated by super typhoons.

At least around P3.5 billion was also eyed by the Department of Agriculture to augment irrigation systems around the country, mostly in Mindanao.

Both projects are through the Department of Agriculture, which also figured in the fertilizer scam famous during the wake of the 2004 elections.

Senate President Manny Villar has no qualms about it. He said coconut farmers deserved to get that amount.

Well, President Arroyo has also announced a forthcoming amicable settlement between the government and the coco farmers on the controversial levy fund. Read the story on the proposed deal here.

There is more need to be operationally transparent. The pressure is on the government, supposedly, because it has to regain its credibility. If it continues to lose it, it will lose everything eventually.

In the short run that means the mid-term elections.


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