Make History: Attend the Davao Bloggers Party #1

Five days more to go for blogosphere’s most anticipated gathering in Davao City.

I’m actually trying to convince myself to ditch some changes in schedule just to make it to the celebration. (The title is meant to remind me this is the first time and I’d better make up my mind.)

When I got Blogie’s invitation a few days ago, I thought of adjusting sked –set a month ago by the way — and most likely that’s what will happen (fingers crossed).

The organizers’ plug at the Davao Blogspace goes: “The Davao Bloggers Party #1 is the first time that blog writers, enthusiasts, newbies and even pro-bloggers in Davao will get together and party! The Davao Blogspace currently hosts more than 30 blog feeds, but surely there are more out there, and this is what Party #1 is all about. It’s a shout-out to the world that there is a active, thriving community of bloggers in our beloved hometown.”

Actually, apart from partying and fellowship, I think the party offers a powerful line up of presenters. Take a peep on the schedule and who’s expected to hit the party here.

I’m sure organizers got all things on the roll and, already, all systems go for Sabado night na!


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5 responses to “Make History: Attend the Davao Bloggers Party #1”

  1. foobarph says :

    i wish i could also attend the event. sana may podcast din. sana maraming tao. sana… may pictures. ^_^

  2. Blogie Robillo says :

    yep, all systems go na! 🙂

    hmm… maybe someone will do a podcast. but definitely there will be pictures after the event!

  3. wyzemoro says :

    if meron audio recorder… mag podcast tayo. i’ll be your host. LOL! haha!

    i’ll bring my laptop… and play with my built-in cam and record something. hehe.

  4. Mindanaw says :


    I have an MP3, I think its sound quality is still OK. I can bring it (Mind conditioning that I can really make it to the party even if I haven’t got info my request for adjustment is approved!).

    Someone just got to prepare extra Alkaline battery and maybe a back up MP3 gadget.



  5. Mindanaw says :

    MP 3 recorder diay!

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