Frustration at work

I could resonate with the reactions of both parties of the GRP – MILF peace process. I have heard that ceasefire committee chairs Von Al Haq and Gen. Edgardo Gurrea have expressed signs of frustration over violations on the truce. Somebody said they even shed tears over the drama in discussions.

I’m just glad both parties showed resolve to push through with peace as the viable solution to conflicts. I have to mention, however, the presence of alleged hawks in both sides of the process, with commanders seemingly missing the point: primacy of the peace process.

I don’t know their full story, so I cannot assess entirely how they mess up with peace efforts. I guess the alleged ceasefire violations with recent firefights brought down casualties and triggered evacuations and unease in Midsayap.

I believe that as there are doves like Gurrea and Al Haq, and others among the ranks in both sides of the negotiating table, hawks also hover playfully to a dismal extent.

Personally I can relate with this. I also felt frustrated, especially when things do not turn out as I expected. When you have put all your energy into something and yet it will not bear expected results. Especially when you find out many of those whom you expect to work with you are not entirely with you supporting your role in the orchestra.

Expected results yield only to a consensus in mind, heart and action, I’m aware of that. That is what teamwork is: getting no matter what expected results  at best efforts.

I also believe, however, in resilience. I have faith in ones capacity to bounce back and dispose of issues at hand for the best of interests.

So it might be distress in the peace process, or any realms – there is always a way out.


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