Anger over impunity

Now allow me to say some expletives. Shit! Down with agents of the devil who cut God-given lives (whether they are good or bad people) by the sheer shot of the guns. By sheer quest for power or what hell-bound intentions there are.

Life is Allah’s gift, loaned to us, not ours’ or others’. No one has the right to take the life of another. It is just a bit disturbing how easily one’s life would end by the whims of another.

The culture of impunity in this country is really taking its toll on sanity.

This is a depressing news and my reaction seems helpless.

But for whatever reason I’m compelled to post this just to register to the world, especially to those cowards who hide in the capacity of their armors to purge life, that this is still WRONG! and good will prevail. Good shall reign. Evil will lose. That is destined to happen. I’m angry for all those who died helplessly without a fight. But I’m angrier that these gods who kill people stay a breath longer to last in hell! I’m angry. Period.

KIDAPAWAN CITY (MindaNews/15 March) — A mayoralty hopeful in Maguindanao and her husband were shot dead in an ambush by two motorcycle-riding men in a gasoline station in President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat, at around 8:25 a.m. today, Thursday.


Killed on the spot were Bai Huda Omalhair Mangelen-Salendab, who was supposed to run for mayor of Paglat, Maguindanao, her husband Hadji Datu Masthur Salendab and driver Oscar Salendab. The couple’s guard, Abubakar Salendab, was injured.

Bai Huda, who was seated at the back of the 4 x 4 pick up, was shot twice on the head and died instantly. Datu Masthur was hit on his hands and stomach and expired at the Quijano Hospital in President Quirino, according to former Maguindanao Rep. Datu Guimid “Jimmy” Matalam.

The victims were on their way to Shariff Aguak, the capital town of Maguindanao, for a meeting with other party-mates of the Lakas-Christian-Muslim Democrats Party when ambushed by unidentified gunmen on board a black Yamaha motorcycle.

DXND correspondent Benjie Caballero said in his reports that the suspects were wearing military uniform and combat shoes.

Matalam, in a radio interview, declined to comment if the killing was politically motivated. “I just can’t say that. The investigators are still looking at different angles,” he said.

Bai Huda was set to run for the top post against incumbent mayor Abdulmanan Langkuno, a former member of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

Reports from President Quirino Police said the gunmen immediately fled towards the direction of Buluan, Maguindanao.

Authorities recovered from the crime scene 42 empty shells of M-16 armalite and eight empty shells of caliber .9mm pistol, and a clutch lever believed to be coming from the motorcycle used by the alleged perpetrators.

Paglat is the smallest town in Maguindanao, carved out of General SK Pendatun town with a population of 5,832 residents.

The first appointed mayor was Bai Zulaika Pendatun-Langkuno, wife of Abdulmanan. But her appointment was recalled by then ARMM Governor Nur Misuari in 2002 to give way to her cousin Datu Conte Mangelen, son of the then Congressman Datu Luminog Mangelen of North Cotabato and Omalhair’s uncle. (Malu Cadelina Manar/MindaNews)


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