ELECTION 2007: Focus on issues, not on campaign trends – opposition bet

M17escudero (DAVAO CITY)– Opposition senatorial candidate Sorsogon Rep.
Francis Escudero said administration senatorial candidates should focus on
addressing issues to the people.
In an interview with reporters Friday night, he said among the issues is how
to double the share of Mindanao in the national budget from 11 to 22 percent.
Escudero said it is ripe for the administration bets to be issue-oriented, in
reaction to Team Unity’s pronouncements that survey results will change in
their favor once the campaign period for local candidates starts on March 30.


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2 responses to “ELECTION 2007: Focus on issues, not on campaign trends – opposition bet”

  1. vic says :

    Like you guys there, we are at this time, getting ready for a federal election that maybe called anytime now. The currrent Conservative Govt. is a minority and the other parties are not trying to dissolve it, but I start getting the calls for campaign donation from my party (conservatives) and that is a sign that we may have to call one, a year and two months into the 5 year mandate.

    The set up is quite different. We elect only one candidate out of two or
    many running in each of 308 districts (riding). The party who won the most seats will be sworn in to govern and its leader will be the PM. And here’s where the ISSUES Is the only issue during the campaign period..

    Right now, we are not done with nominating all candidates for our party, but everything is all set up and ready to go once the writ of election is handed down.
    Each party will campaign base on its programs and plans for the governance thru its mandate and not only promises, but also how to finance those programs. Leaders will meet in a series of Debates and will answer questions and how to go about implementing their parties programs and so candidates in every contested district may do likewise or leave it to their leaders. Maximum campaign period is 45 days. Election results in about hour or two after polls closing.

    Funds for campaign can only come from individual citizens and governments (citizens contribution are tax deductible up to 75 % to the Max refund of $650., Max contribution$5400.) Government refunds portions of Party and candidates expenses in last elections, except those whose number of votes qualify them as nuisance candidates>>

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