Malaybalay escapade

I plan to visit Malaybalay’s public library today to scour on some new information about the city’s old look. Next stop would be the Parish of Malaybalay for some of the church’s older photos including Plaza Rizal.

This is part of my little plan to compile some photos that I will upload here, with permission from the owners.

I will also visit my parents for some updates.

If I can hitch on my friend Mctan’s motorcycle I would take a breather’s view of the city from the high hills of the road to Can-ayan. An alternative would be to stay at home and do the house’s cleaning for wifey (what a non-choice).

I also plan to drop by the Malaybalay City Police Office for some updates on the city’s insurgency problem. But while I’m on my days-off from work, that’s not a top priority.

In the late afternoon, I’ll fetch wifey from work and I plan to treat her  early dinner at our favorite country restaurant. If not, hmmm… i’ll give my experimental cooking skills a try again (to the housemates’ disappointment?) because I have always wanted to serve one day Skippy’s pinaputokang tilapia (yummy!). [But really me doing the kitchen is a remote possibility with at least five good cooks in the family.]

Of course we’ll spend at least 30 minutes strolling in downtown Malaybalay’s getting busier streets to window shop.

These are all plans because I want to have a very flexible schedule. I just want to be basic, hopefully.


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2 responses to “Malaybalay escapade”

  1. Nick Nichols says :

    Ay! I’m in Manila all week. Would have liked to catch you for a cup of coffee. I’ll try to catch you in Davao City sometime.

    I’m interested in the socio-political history of Malaybalay and the edge/extremist groups (left and right) that may have operated in the area – if any – what influence they’ve had on today’s city and would like to start digging into that. The recent Kaamulan street dancing parade was an absolutely fascinating coming together of diverse cultural areas- I don’t believe those types of things come about by accident. How did they achieve that? And has it ever been different?

  2. dante says :

    Hi Bro Walt,

    I just stumbled upon your blog site and thought of dropping some lines. You have a real good blog here. Keep it up.

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