Unpopular courses in Mindanao?

Anywhere in the Philippines this week we see a lot of graduation ceremonies. March is of course  graduation month.

It is a memorable experience and a reminder of our own time when we were still charting our path.

It is of course opportune time to look at the quality of the Philippine educational system.

Will our graduates be able to compete? Will they and when will they be able to land in a job?
Sometimes it still boils down to the choices of course that students take and the career path they want to pursue.

Almost every incoming college student now would like to take nursing, engineering, or courses that land them in a call center. (Of course we cannot generalize.)

Many would still choose to become a teacher, mostly to be assigned in rural areas, because a big portion of those who can afford to send their children to school can only afford to send them to the School of Education.

The growng need for civil society work around Mindanao is also already starting to attract many graduates to NGO work. But about how big? You can also see the speed of turnover.

Still a big portion of our graduates go to Manila, if not abroad. They still see bigger benefit there than the corresponding cost of living in highly urbanized areas.

Unless of course Davao and the rest of Mindanao starts to show it is more profitable to stay here, this influx will continue to grow.

I know many of Mindanao’s best minds are not in Mindanao. Many of them are looking back of course but has remained practical in their disposition.

I hope the signs that our busines and government leaders are trying to paint are right.

Hopefully, even if the situations here are still far from ideal, those who have remained will continue to do best efforts.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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