Communities, LGUs benefit least from international mining investments – researcher

DAVAO CITY – Communities and local governments where international companies mine minerals receive the least benefit in a multi-level flow of returns from the industry, an international researcher said.

Andy Whitmore, research and communication officer of the UK-based human rights group PIPLinks, said in a briefing on Global Mining at the Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue Thursday, that the local community and government receive the least benefit, yet they face off head on with the costs and problems that go with mining operations.

He said much of the wealth is flowed back to countries where international firms are based, and the Philippine national government.

He said they have pushed for reforms in the Philippine mining industry as there is an imbalance of information reaching people in the community about mining investments’ cost and benefit.

A number of recommendations were pushed in January for the Philippine government on these reforms following the group’s Philippine fact finding mission last year.

He cited, however, that mining investments do not just spell out negative effects, but oftentimes communities are fully appraised only of the benefits, not the costs.

PIPLinks or Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links works to uphold and promote the collective and individual human rights of indigenous peoples and other land-based communities.


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