Three Hundred

I have scheduled to watch the top gross Zack Snyder-directed film “300” thrice this month. I thought tonight I would fail again for the 4th time.

King Lionedas Photo grabbed from Wikipedia entry on Battle of Thermopyle

All the while I was thinking I should probably read, not watch the movie about the Battle of Thermopyle. Every time I fail to watch it as scheduled, I resort to reading more about the battle from the internet.

So I made it to the last full show in SM City’s Cinema 1.I barely had a choice because by tomorrow I’m sure Davao’s theaters would change programs. And by that, “300” would be history –where it should be. (Update: SM City retained “300” in one of its cinemas.)

The movie was inspiring. Although, it was really animated violence (with surprisingly less bloody but gory beheading scenes). MindaNews columnist Gail Ilagan was right, it has a lot of “cheesy” speeches.

They employed very powerful images and music. It is a historical piece.

Based on some initial readings, however, I found the movie veered away from the stories in books.

Indeed, Wikipedia is right: it was fictional. It has a lot of diversions from the published stories of the battle.

I could include “300” to my long list of novels, which landed as Hollywood movies with disappointing diversions to story for art’s sake.

Over-all: it was worth it.


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4 responses to “Three Hundred”

  1. Reyna Juana says :

    Over-all: it was worth it.

    i agree. ^_____________^

  2. Raymond Lee Quijano says :

    i hope i could also watch it after my exam… muhuuu

  3. Waltzib says :

    Thanks Reyna and Raymond! Watch it with friends.

  4. junanteola says :

    good for you. i still have to wait for it here where i’m at, as showing was postponed again. well at least, i get to read about the history from which it is based. my consolation, really.

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