Honing Davao’s traffic enforcers?

Lengthy speeches by police officials mostly from Manila amid scorching heat marked the opening of the city government’s motorcycle driving course training program Friday.

Some people were too insensitive, especially if you put yourself in the situation of the trainees. They were in a formation outside the shed for the sun to dry up (in a very high temperature afternoon!). The officials were of course in the shed doing their monologues.

Well, on second thoughts, maybe it was just part of the rigors of training – spartan so to speak.

Luckily Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s speech was not boring and that a professional and well trained rider from Cagayan de Oro showed-off some bike stunts. Some were amazed, while others were left asking what was that for?

There were 42 commissioned and non-commissioned police officers in the training. The move was meant to beef up capacity of the Traffic Management Group to help keep in order the city’s traffic situation including pursuing fugitives-on wheels.

The joke was off: at the end of the training each of them could ride the bike like this:


(Istambay photo courtesy of City Information Office)

In the sidelines, Mayor Duterte was eyeing the bike exhibitionist flaunting his stunts.

“I want to do that, that’s what I want to do!,” the popular big-bike driver who happens to be the mayor of the city told reporters.

“Parental Guidance needed,” I joked on my colleagues and to children from the slum area at the back of SM City among the spectators .

Oh, that is if the kids could afford to buy big bikes someday. We’ll never know, really.


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