Quickie: Navigating the Genuine Opposition’s blog


The Genuine Opposition’s website was launched on March 21. It is actually a blog. Visit the website to see for yourself.

First, my review: “It’s a work in progress”. Of course I can’t help but churn some of my observations.

The blog’s blue and green Word Press theme comes easy for eyeing and over-all it looks cool. It could contrast this campaign’s typical ballistics.

The blog is still very textual, lacking in images or graphics (look who is talking! As if his blog is better.)

The “Let’s GO” tag at the upper right part of the header could show the opposition’s supposed dynamism.The contents are of course press releases published (and probably written) by GO’s spokesperson lawyer Adel Tamano.
As of March 30, the blog’s administrator uploaded 21 press releases and a report on the Final Verdict of the Peoples Permanent Tribunal based in The Netherlands.

From the Home page, you could suspect the leaders of the campaign team are the ones running with their photos plastered at the side bar. When I checked the inside pages, especially that featuring the candidates, I found most of them didn’t have photos.

The few lines describing the candidates could also show “best efforts” were not done.

Just look at how they described Sonia Roco: “(AD), widow of late Senator and Education Secretary Raul Roco.” [AD is Aksyon Demokratiko]. For sure, the lady has her own credentials more than being Raul’s widow (the party should know better than that!)

Technically, it is also difficult to return to the home page once you navigated inside pages. There is no button to make it easier (at least for beginners). Of course you can just click on the text “Genuine Opposition” at the header to launch back.

The blog roll includes only websites of two candidates, Nikki Coseteng and Antonio Trillanes IV, whose link is broken by the way (as of this posting.) What about the other candidates, don’t they have cyber spaces of their own?

Of course I know why “anonymous” comments are not welcome so they make it a bit difficult to post comments at the “Contact Us” page. Comments are closed from the posts. Or maybe its just me who needs to explore more?

I want to say something more about the contents, but again, I’d leave it to you. (Istambay be reminded: You already said this is a “work in progress” ) …[thinking out loud.]

Actually, I found it a welcome move for their campaign to extend to the blogosphere.

Besides, it could be one of GO’s measures to cope with budget constraints.

Deputy campaign manager JV Ejercito told Istambay in an interview for MindaNews that they are resorting to non-traditional campaign modes. Definitely, JV said, big rallies are out for the GO campaign. (Even if he said their Davao rally was “successful”.)

He said they are keener on smaller group discussions among other things.

I asked myself why I’m posting on this. Just to be subtle: So far, I already have five candidates in my list and three of them are from GO.

See? Of course that does not make me a GO or TU supporter (go defend yourself!). I cross party lines.

But, I’m not sure if I’m going to complete the 12 choices the Philippine Constitution asked me to make. I’m still deliberating on it.

Both parties , including those running as independent, could make my life a bit easier by putting up useful websites.

Of course, preferably if an independent (non-partisan) group, would carry it

(Wew, I’ve written a long post already.Is that how long a “quickie” takes? )




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4 responses to “Quickie: Navigating the Genuine Opposition’s blog”

  1. mike says :

    Just finished watching about how in the U.S. blogspace is being hired off by democrats and republicans.
    I found my apolitcal blog listed on us blog loops as ‘supporting’ Obama, Hillary, and, Rudy Guilliani – hey at least
    by bing added to those blog rolls I’m seen as ‘neutral’.
    I looked at the GO blog – at least it has RSS… and feeds… making it easy to link and get updates from.
    thanks for reveiwing this site – at least in my case as a journalist it makes it easier to find out info for stories I cover directly without having to call or text.
    One thing though – a risk for would be political blogs – are ‘spoof’ and mudslinging sites – often made to look and even be exact copies of ‘real’ sites – common in europe, canadian, and u.s, political blogs.


  2. mindanaw says :

    One more try if this works already.

  3. mindanaw says :

    Yes it did.
    Thanks mike for dropping a comment.
    Yest the GO blog is useful and could even be more useful, right?
    At least they have this bright idea to reach out to wider audiences despite the resources.
    I hope the TU joins in so we bloggers have a chance to seize them up, granting they market their ideas and advocacies well and honestly.
    Thanks again.

  4. K. Brown says :

    I agree that the information is very one sided and lacks the true candidate Biography’s. I like the ease on the eyes but, dislike the fact you can not comment on other posts. A little fine tuning please.
    One more thing that would be great but I am not sure that this can be done is: “Can you post Voter Information Sheets {VIS} for “all” candidates in “all regions” on this site? I do not know if COMELEC would allow this but it sure is a good idea. The absentee voters would have more time to review the candidates well before their ballots arrived in the mail and it would assist local voters in doing their own candidate research.

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