Eden, Adam comes!

Photo by Melissa Christina Santos Grabbed from http://www.jpgmag.com

Finally, a much needed “break.”

I’ll be off to Eden in an hour to breath some fresh air and get a world view atop the highlands of Toril.

But make no mistake. It is still work in a different venue. “Off-site” they say. The Alternative Law Group will hold a press forum and I’ll be expecting some more information feeds.

At least it takes me away from the odor of work as in WORK.

There is actually another press conference-cocktail party at about the same time at the Davao Convention Center. The business community is putting up a Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mindanao. Of course it could have been a good option, too.

It will be an opportunity for me to put on my business suit again after how many years of donning street-savvy get ups. I don’t even know where I placed my favorite tie, oh no!

Anyway, obviously I made a choice. I think I will not meet “regret” in Eden.

Besides, Eden is nearer home. I might be tempted to go home straight from the nature park. Hmmm… I’ve got to pack.

Have a calm and blessed weekend!


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