Panambaya sa world!

Hello world!

I have shifted to a new theme to mark some changes with Istambay sa Mindanao.
Actually just some additions and probably adjustments in the frequency and manner of posting. This blog as you know is a work in progress. (Probably in the near future I’ll be able to invest in a domain. But while I’m still pondering on leaving my frebbie stage, I’ll have to contend with what I have.

For now I’ll say something about two additions. I decided to venture on using my sidebar for some facts both peeping into the past (“Looking Back”) and also on the future (“Eyeing Ahead”)

I’m thinking of scouring for materials that make us remember what happened in Mindanao in the past when most of us have no or least memory about. Thanks to a number of good books as sources, I mustered some courage to make my blogging life more complicated by going into this. God-Allah-Mambabaya may have mercy.

Using statements from news articles, fora, and other public venues; I will also post how Mindanawons view the future. But yes, this is easier said than done as a thin line separates the facts from what people say and how I interpret it. So I’ll try to stick verbatim.

I still could not pledge to upload both side bar widgets regularly. I’m still seizing up the tasks, but you’ll know it if I really can’t.

I also welcome contributions. I can send an e-mail to those who indicate it by posting a comment at the “About Istambay sa Mindanao” page. Sorry, it could be as rude as that for now.

Of course, I could use some help improving the graphical contents. This is basically a text blog.

Thank you!


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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