I will demand for an Official Receipt (OR)

I’m oftentimes non-conformist, but not in this case.

This time, I will lend my hand to the Bureau of Internal Revenue as if I’m the revenue district officer talking to the media. I will demand for an OR at all times.

This sounds cheesy. But honestly, I’ve come to think about it.

If I will not demand for my OR, the government will not have any idea I bought this much from a store and the store collected this much of taxation from me in the name of the Republic of the Philippines via the punitive Value Added Tax (VAT) and the E-VAT.

Since the government, which is supposed to be under the collective power of the sovereign people it is representing, does not know so the amount of taxes collected from me by this store does not go to the government at all!

Where does it go?

I’m sure not to the Bantay Bata canister beside the cash register.

It goes to the business owners’ coffers in forms of “profit” from profit. Which literally means – stolen money!

Now, I have no qualms about businessmen making more money from their efforts. This is a “free” country (oooops, clarification: only in the extent that we have relative freedom to live).

But for them to take advantage of innocent people (and of an inept government who seems clueless at times) is another thing.

I have decided to demand an official receipt for all transactions with those I think who slashed value-added and other taxation from me.

And I am willing to brace the wait they want me to stand in an effort to discourage me from getting my right to an OR! I will not be ashamed to demand for my OR even if the unwilling cashier is at snail-pace in writing the details of my transaction and eventually causing traffic jam in the counter lane.

I am also willing to explain to the cashier and the affected customers in the jam why I am doing it and why the store should not ignore me.

I will do that even if the tax taken from me is minimal and nothing compared to how much Kris Aquino or the Ayala Corporation pay the government.

Quite cheesy, indeed. (I told you I can speak like the revenue district officer.)

Yes, we all have reservations of our imperfect government (please don’t make me utter litanies) but we all should be answerable why that is so.

Pardon if you think you’re reading a messianic blog entry right now. Pardon if you think I am an assuming blogger who had become a government rah-rah boy in exchange for a position in the cabinet (dream).

In the first place even if I am idealistic, I don’t think I really can change the world because I know I cannot do so all by myself. I just kept on doing what I can, while I still can.

And by the way, sorry if I have already resorted to textual diarrhea. This is a long post trying to argue a simple point.

I just want to set the record straight that as I often raise hell about failure of good governance in this country or city, I am not making excuses for my own failure to do my part.

Very well, I know governance is an issue of citizenship, too. And citizenship comes with synonyms: “me,” and “you.”

I will demand for my Official Receipt, not because the BIR has this raffle program where I could win prizes. Not because I have promised my clan I will become a hero someday by trying to change the world.

I’m doing this because doing so makes me become at least a small part of the solution, and not of the problem.


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  1. Cathy says :

    same here

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