Now Showing: Elections 2007 the movie

I have made it a habit to look at the NCCC Mall’s “tower” to see what movies are screened every time I pass by.

By the time I remembered to check it Sunday afternoon on my way home, we were already past the bill board. I contented myself on checking the local papers, instead.

But my gaze went straight to the bill board of Team Unity featuring their 12 candidates for senator across the street.

At a glance I saw Cesar Montano’s photo. The rest is history —why the blog post title above.

Looking at the macro view, however, I could sense elections are just a show – putting the best foot forward and selling even to the extent of the warik-warik.

Those who have lived in rural areas would know how that works in selling fish.

At one point it is a battle of perceptions what with all the surveys milled around as if they are blotless. Surveys are of course deceptive, or could be deceptive if taken out of the context the data used for.

And there is also the ads war on TV, radio and newspapers. So who gets the mileage? Of course those who flaunt the millions.

In the local scene, the war could be a continuance of strategic engagements with constituencies. While resources could be more elusive here, local bets are actually out in the field to campaign “illegally,” that is “work” with people while putting forward name recall and also visibility.

Local bets, having a smaller area to cover in the campaign trail, of course are more advantaged.

So now that the campaign trail has OFFICIALLY started, the show goes on with a mix of traditional and non-conventional means to lure voters.

From all angles, this looks like a show every Filipino has to watch whether they like it or not.


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