A controversial prayer at the Philippine Blog Awards 2007

In the spirit of Lent and living up to the cudgels of a shoestring blog, I am posting this Christian prayer said by Fr. Stephen Cuyos (MSC) at the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards in Manila. It drew mixed reactions apparently from non-Christians.

I register my respect to the concern raised by Benj, but not as an atheist. I am an advocate of inter-religious dialogue and respect for other religions.

I think lessons should be learned from the incident.

So compassionate, so faithful, so loving You are Our Father.

We ask You to increase our faith and our love for You that we may use blogging as an instrument to fulfill Your purposes. May we become bloggers of truth and promoters of peace.

Help us to be steadfast in our Christian commitment that visitors may find in our blogs a source of encouragement and inspiration. Give us strength to proclaim Your word, that we may play our part in breaking down the walls of hostility in the world and use our blogs to strengthen the bonds of friendship, solidarity and love.

Make our hearts meek and humble
that we may treat our readers as friends, not as unique hits,
that we may strive to change ourselves for the better more often than we pimp our site templates,
that we may find more time to ease the pain of someone in our own home than to reply to comments left by strangers,
that we may interact with our next door neighbors as often as we chat with our blogrolled friends,
that we may be more concerned about helping the less privileged than about the number of subscribers to our RSS feeds.

Deliver us, Father, from spams and viruses, from pride and selfishness, and from the temptation to replicate images without permission and copy ideas without crediting the original authors.

May we always be united as a network of bloggers and friends working together in Your name. May our blogs lead us closer to You.

We ask all these through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

4 responses to “A controversial prayer at the Philippine Blog Awards 2007”

  1. Blogie says :

    i can see why this prayer might not have agreed with non-christians. if i were, say, muslim and i’d been there at the event, i’d have felt left out at the least.

    even to more conservative christians, this uber-modern style of prayer might even be rather offensive.

    but IMHO, on the whole, it certainly seems to mean well.

  2. benj says :

    I honestly found it very presumptuous and effort made to ‘defend’ such an act definitely got under my skin.

  3. mindanaw says :

    Thank you for your comments. Chico’s one-word exclamation speaks a lot, but kept me guessing. I think no one would need to intend to do something, for him or her to do something. It was really an “ooopss” …(probably, since I wasn’t in the PBA.)

    That is why I ended my comment with “I think lessons should be learned from the incident.”

    Thanks Benj for the comment.

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