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Huwag kayong pumayag na manood,pumalakpak, ngumiti at kumaway sa isang gilid lamang. Sana’y makilahok kayo sa paghubog ng ating kasaysayan.


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Those lines could only emanate from Sorsogon Rep. Francis Escudero, the “makata” who is gunning for the Senate now and the Presidency in the future. He used that in his greetings for his official website.

He is one of the candidates who never fails to give the campaign monitor some quotable quotes and will not disappoint in public speaking.

This man has a sure slot in the Top 12, because of his popularity what with good looks and his appeal to the different classes what with his use of the masa lingo and other qualities to lure voters.


Maybe he is worth elevating from the Lower House to the Senate because of his courageous and cut above the rest performance as a congressman (do I know what I’m talking about?).

His website said: “House Minority Leader Francis “Chiz” Escudero authored 34 bills of national application, 31 bills of local application, and 15 resolutions in the House of Representatives. The bills of enumerated here are facts that demonstrates the commitment of the congressman, who represents the First District of Sorsogon, to the welfare and well-being of the masses, particularly his constituents.

Well, I think he is eloquent – he can argue his ideas out and he seems not out of words or stand in any issue.

Escudero has to show he’s got some right to be the chief executive – the Presidency, which he said he aims for (“who wouldn’t eye that”? – he said in an interview with Davao media.) In the past, the Senate is normally the jumping pad of presidential hopefuls and it holds true for 2010 or 2016 (if we are still in the presidential system by then).

By the way, he’s got the connections. After 45 days in the senatorial campaign trail, he is the only national candidate who has a poster and streamer in far-flung Talaingod town in banana country Davao del Norte.

If you are one of those charmed by former Agriculture Sec. Salvador Escudero’s son, a visit to his website will not disappoint you with bio and pics aplenty.

Maybe his dad’s stint in the Department of Agriculture in the Marcos and the Ramos administrations beefed up his links even in the countryside. Does he have strong links with the banana industry?

He should be extremely popular, he even used a picture-taking line to cue a pose and a smile that a cheese company used in its brand for his campaign materials: “Say Chiz.”

Would you “Say Chiz” and give your sacred vote for him on May 14?


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