Surviving a draining news week in Davao

A reporter makes his own day.

It’s a choice what story to cover every day. It’s really an individual reporter’s call. Oftentimes, bad news means readership. But good news always makes more sense.

Only to a certain extent, though. Much of it, however, depends on the pressing issues that simmer in the horizon. When the military and the New Peoples Army exchange fire and tack; and civilians are caught in between receiving most of the suffering, you cannot just look away.

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You’ll just have to skew your sight of the far-away good news, be grounded on humanity and nose over the gross, if not the bloody.

I’ve been looking for good business news to cover in the last five days after returning from the Holy week break.

All I could muster, however is a story on:

Labor dept. launches new module on labor relations
The Department of Labor and Employment is launching a new education module on labor relations here next week, a labor official said. Ofelia Domingo, DOLE OIC assistant regional director, said the department has modified its module in educating employers and companies about labor relations, which it will launch on April 18, ahead of the commemoration of Labor Day on May 1.

For the worst: Massacre of family triggers evacuation in remote Davao City village

There’s always a point of time to slap your face and wake up at a reality: Break free from your own preferences on how the world should be. It isn’t perfect – one thing for sure.

For today at least the military showed a sign of hope:

We are ready to apologize on Grecil, but …”
“We are ready to apologize,” Brig. Gen. Carlos Holganza said on the death of nine-year old girl Grecil Buya from Kahayag village, New Bataan, Compostela Valley, whom the military suspected as a child soldier.

It’s just a teaser though because:
‘Ceasefire up for the government to decide, but not likely’
Ceasefire and peace negotiations are up for the national government to decide, military officials said a day after Davao bishops called for cessation of hostilities and a return to the negotiating table with the communist rebels.

And look at this …

Mining makes S. Mindanao top rebel hotspot in RP – military
The military eyes the Southeastern Mindanao region as the country’s top communist rebel hotspot because the New Peoples Army allegedly is looting its war chest in the region’s rich mining resources. Not to mention this story on the military’s persistence to pursue war .

It’s a draining news week, and I look forward to a new one with more energy.

It shouldn’t be the type that tests our grip of sanity, I hope. We all deserve a good life ui!


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