(Troubled Bangkerohan) Bridge over troubled Water

Instead of singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over troubled water” we should probably be singing the 1905 New York folk song “Low Bridge, Everybody Down.” in the city these days.

I’ve already made faces going through Davao’s major approaches from the south since Bangkerohan Bridge or the Gov. Generoso Bridge I was closed Thursday. One of its piers collapsed causing the bridge to sag. Mandatory retirement is it?

So traffic in the city went awry and chaotic, even worst than the scenario whenthe new traffic signalization project was launched late December.

It’s a troubled bridge, indeed. It’s waters also in trouble. Why? The Department of Public Works and Highways said quarrying up and downstream might have added to the trouble.

It’s an old, old bridge yes, but I can’t understand how it escaped DPWH and the city government.

Lucky are those coming from the city’s other directions, its really a mess here in one of Asia’s most livable cities.
Photo grabbed from http://www.mindanaotimes.com.ph

Well, it happens. It happens that traffic seems to be an extension of Holy Week penance. Wanted: Image model for suffering in the streets for people like me who commute!

One time I went through via a boat crossing Bangkerohan River for a few pesos. Yeah, how romantic. But from that vantage point, you’ll see a more horrible reminder.

How come it escaped them really?

And, hold on, we need a Presidential mercy to solve it what with the P350 million projected cost to build a new bridge to replace the more than half-a-century old structure.

And here’s the rub, the DPWH just requested the budget on the day the bridge gave way, despite claiming they had been monitoring the bridge on a quarterly basis!

And oh, by the way, we need at least a year to find out if the bridge would really be built there.

I’m sure this ordeal brought good things, too, to the unassuming Dabawenyo. We saw how the Traffic Management Center tried to mitigate the congestion. Of course, they should try harder. Maybe, we need to study patience in the snail-paced traffic at times. Maybe we should be more creative on dealing with this, like activating our imaginative minds while we are stuck in traffic jam.

Perhaps, I should stop complaining. I should brace a walk on mid-day. Wew! Where else in the world do things like these happen?!


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