Townmates cheer Pacquiao’s victory

Congratulation Manny!

fakeyow1.jpeg(Photo grabbed from
Advisory: (GENERAL SANTOS CITY) —The hometown crowd here roared injubilation as homegrown Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao todayfloored Mexican challenger Jorge Solis in the eight round of their 12-roundWorld Boxing Council International Super Featherweight championship fight inthe United States.

The streets essentially turned empty of vehicles as residents watched their
town mate from their television sets, in cafeterias and at the Lagao
gymnasium where a giant television screen was set-up by the city government.
At the multi-million peso mansion of Mr. Pacquiao also at Barangay Lagao,
his mother Dionisia beamed with pride with her son’s astounding victory.
“First of all, I’d like to thank the Lord [for guiding my son into victory].
He [Lord] did not fail me,” said Ms. Pacquiao, who was praying as the fight

For highlights of the fight, read the report here.
One thing that caught me in the fight, however, is the introduction of Pacquiao as “boxer and congressman.” There was also national flag bastardization because they waved a replica of the Philippine flag with “Vote Manny” prints.

In a story at, the Comelec spokesperson said it is permissible though.

“[There is] nothing wrong with expressing support for a candidate. Besides, chanting and flag-waving are not prohibited forms of campaigning, assuming for the sake of argument,” the report quoted Comelec spokesman James Jimenez as saying. [Just let me think out loud, If Manny ran under the opposition, would Jimenez have such speedy comment? Yabag!]

But to put it straight: no matter how I don’t like Pacman to dirty his feet in politics (because I think he could not be an effective legislator. Maybe he could be effective as local executive.]

I still think its Pacman’s natural advantage to be at the limelight from the start of the game. He just used his ring territory, his domain to get even with with his lady opponent’s privilege of incumbency.

Well, of course my opinion won’t count because I’m not a registered voter in General Santos City.


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One response to “Townmates cheer Pacquiao’s victory”

  1. Miriam says :

    before considering whether or not Pacman will be voted for, his lawyer must first consider Pacman’s qualifications to run for the congressional seat. In standard today issue 4/24/07, Pacman seem to be listed twice in the voter’s registry — in Manila and in Gensan all at the same time.

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