Pacman vs. Solis: Who gets the glory?

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Who gets the glory?

Chino Trinidad, host to the Solar-GMA coverage of the BLAZE OF GLORY bout, asked in his opening spiel if the tandem of Pacquiao and Solis is a mismatch, knowing that Pacman was favored 10-1 by polls as the emerging winner.

But Solis has nothing to lose, he has everything to gain if he comes to the ring and fight, said one of the co-hosts. They said speed, power and orientation whether southpaw or orthodox handed matters in the game, of course.

Will Pacman make up for the Filipino peoples’ expectations? Brimming, Pacman is at the limelight again as he mounts the latest defense of his WBC international super featherweight title against “undefeated — yet unheralded — Jorge Solis”.

Chino could be right, Pacman’s greatest opponent in the 12 rounds of boxing on TV today is not Solis, but himself.

More on PACMAN

Title: WBC Int’l Super Featherweight Champion
Record: W 43 (34 ko’s) | L 3 | D 2
Age: 28
Reach: 68″
Height: 5’6″½
Stance: Southpaw
‘I have to be ready for him and I will be.’

More on SOLIS

Title: WBC Mexican Featherweight Champion
Record: W 32 (23 ko’s) | L 0 | D 2
Age: 27
Reach: 70″
Height: 5’8″½
Stance: Orthodox
‘I am very motivated to make a splash and shock the world.’

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