The Search for exotic food in Mindanao

raw1.jpgForgive the title. There is actually no culinary fest or a recipe contest.

I’m just curious if insects like this land on dining tables in Mindanao’s restaurants and even fast food joints or karenderyas.

I learned that in Thailand some insects figure popularly as gastric treats. My host, Shan (Burma) journalist Khuen Sai, ordered this food for me when I was in Chiang Mai in September 2005.

I know exotic food from insects are popular in some rural areas, but do we get to see them on the menu?

I was reminded of this when I found the photo and three others in a folder I thought I deleted in transit. It left me traveling back to memory lane.

I was later told its silkworm cocoon. The Hunan (China) restaurant we went to prepared it stir-fried. raw2.jpgIt was a delicious addition to the Chinese food in the menu for dinner. This exotic food tasted like my all-time favorite ‘lemon grassed’ fried chicken!

My hosts also ordered ice-cold Beer Chang (elephant), which I think easily became the best companion for my newly discovered food.

That was in the welcome dinner so I didn’t tell them how I felt about Beer Chang. San Miguel pale was far better, of course. In that part of Thailand, though, SMB is not yet available.

img_0043.jpgBut I saw Red Horse beer in the cooler. I think it was in that dinner when every body else ordered RH while I paid respects to the Thai beer industry (Yabag!). They sold six bottles of RH that night, while they got a bottle of Beer Chang from the Mindanawon. The farang (foreigner) was trying to pay a courtesy call at the Siam brewery, so to speak.

I liked food that night. But when I found out the silkworm serving good for five cost us Thai Baht 450.00 ( PhP630.00), that’s when I wondered if we have these food in Mindanao.

Do restaurants in our cities serve exotic food? I really want to know what and where in Mindanao is exotic food served.

After dinner, I got so curious about how they sold silkworm cocoon in the market.

So when I went to Mae Hong Son city around seven hours of land trip northwest of CM, I took those silkworm shots. I’m glad I did.


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3 responses to “The Search for exotic food in Mindanao”

  1. thaigirls says :

    thats really helpful information. thank you for this one.

  2. drewby07Drew says :

    Those are not silkworms, they are wasp larvae.

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