Moderation, shape up urged to ease Davao’s IT growth

phto.jpgDAVAO CITY – The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for moderation among local stakeholders to hasten flow of investments to the city’s information technology sector , a chamber official said.

Andre Joseph Fournier, DCCCII ICT committee chair, said IT park lease rates and call center agents’ salaries should be kept low amid close competition with other cities in Mindanao in attracting IT investors.

Prospective investors, he said, are pushed off by rates comparable to those in Manila. He assured , however, that it would be easier to raise the level later on when Davao gains mark in its goal to become Mindanao’s IT hub.

Of course aside from the rates, there is more to the problems of the local stakeholders. Are we really THAT ready to attract investors? What about our capacity to promote and what about how organized are our stakeholders? Are they more of competitors or cooperators to make Davao an IT hub?Maybe it should present moderation in cost so the investors could be attracted, but aren’t stakeholders and industry leaders supposed to work together and shape up?

Read this post at I.T. talks blog for other perspectives on the issue.


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8 responses to “Moderation, shape up urged to ease Davao’s IT growth”

  1. Blogie says :

    Read my post at I.T. Talks! for a better perspective on this issue. Saying that wages should be kept low is too simplistic a statement. At face value it’s actually an irresponsible thing to say.

  2. Yre says :

    I certainly agree 100% with you Blogie! According to a certain survey i’ve read, the Philippines ranked lowest in terms of IT salary in the Region already, and now this proposal to make it more lower???

  3. Waltzib says :

    Hi Blogie,
    Thank you. Its actually the reason why I delayed my MindaNews article about Mr. Fornier’s statements during the Kapihan sa SM City on Monday. It seems there were missing parts.

    I posted the initial statements to generate comments, and thank you for feeding in.

    I was supposed to interview Mr. Fornier yesterday, but he got tangled in meetings. Your post presented to me more salient points for the interview, thank you.
    I am also interested to interview you, if possible. I know that aside from writing for SunStar you are also cluster chair for ICT of the region’s economic development council. Ok ra?

    Anyway, I believe as an industry leader or a key person in the industry, your points form part of the main ingridients in this recent public fora on the city’s IT industry.

    I’m just too eager now to see how the private and the public sector work together on this. Hope to see you soon!

  4. Blogie says :

    I hope you can make it to the Techno Kapehan session this 2pm at Damosa Land’s Market Basket — at one of the shops there. It will also be the induction of officers of the new ICT Davao org.

  5. mindanaw says :

    Yes, I hope I can make it. See you.

  6. Andre Fournier says :

    It may sound simplistic but it can work. Actions not words gentlemen, if you could only put your brainmatter to work creating plans rather than reacting such as gentleman YRE then we can all move forward. Ive been here in Davao for six years already trying to help the city. If you dont want my help, just tell me, there are other cities in Mindanao who would be more appreciative of my free services

  7. Waltzib says :

    Hi sir Andre,

    Thanks for posting. I am so glad to have received more enlightenment from the TechnoKapehan.

    Just a clarification: what I meant of “missing parts” in my earlier post is actually on my interpretation of what I have heard from the KApihan sa SM presentation.

    I may not have the capacity to grasp very well the issues at the IT industry so quickly, but I am also in my own way concerned how Davao can pull ahead.

    I don’t know who wanted anybody out but certainly your efforts to bring more understanding to the public about the city’s IT industry, through your constant engagement with the media, is highly appreciated.

    I also appreciate the growing public discussion on the industry –which I think will be good for everybody.

    Again, thank you all of you for dropping by.

    Cheers to Davao’s IT industry!

  8. Blogie says :

    Don’t avoid the issue in this particular post, Andre. What’s simplistic was what you commented to the media about call center wages being kept low. Yre’s reaction is just a reaction, it is very clear– in fact, he is putting his brain matter to work by being succinct.

    Don’t bring whatever else you may have done for the city into the picture. No need to blow one’s horn. All of us know what everyone else has accomplished. If you wish to participate in this thread, stick to the topic.

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