Let’s shape up altogether for Davao IT boom – Davao chamber exec

ict-industry.jpgAndre Joseph Fournier, Davao Business chamber ICT committee chair, clarified that in order to make the city more attractive to IT investors it has to offer a better package to pull them here from Manila and Cebu and it can only be done if all the stakeholders get their acts together.

He said IT industry associations, the city goverment, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Science and Technology and other sectors should sit together and facilitate a planning session to come out with a long term ICT plan.

He said a stakeholders’ advisory council to oversee the planning is key to addressing the problem of poor promotion to push the industry towards its goal to be an ICT hub.

Fournier cited that recurring impression on Mindanao’s peace and order situation has influenced would be investor’s from putting up more call centers and medical transcription sites here despite the fact that local space rental and salaries are already low.

He said to make it more attractive, it shouldn’t be allowed to go up for now while the industry navigates uphill in the competitive market.

The city has two call centers and four medical transcription sites for now. He said the city’s IT manpower continue to leave Davao side by side with BPO firms coming to Davao to drain the city of some important human resources, Fournier said.

“Let’s avert that,” he said in an interview Wednesday.


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