Batting for Mindanao Blogging Summit One

bobby2.jpgGood News! The possibility of holding the Mindanao Blogging Summit this year was announced at the Technokapihan IT forum Wednesday afternoon.

Blogie Robillo (I.T. Talks, Dabawenyo, others), Davao Bloggers Party One chief organizer, said the plan could materialize in November or earlier depending on when the Mindanao ICT Congress would happen. Or if other forces prevail, like a possible Davao ICT Congress of our own.

The plan is very good. It is a sign of progress! Well, for one, it’s going to be one great fellowship with Mindanao’s bloggers from all over.

Blogie said, however, there is also a plan from would-be sponsors and prime movers of iblog3, the Philippines 3rd Blogging Summit, to make the Mindanao Blogging Summit as iblog4, the sequel.

It easily becomes quite a brilliant idea and I will respect the direction that would be taken by our local blogging prime movers.

I am suggesting, however, that if ever the decision would be finalized and democratic process among the organizers would be pursued, I still bat for a Mindanao Blogging Summit, but a day before iblog4 in the same venue and period.

Of course an earlier and separate event could be ideal, but not practical.

If bloggers in Mindanao jump directly to the national summit by making it’s supposed Mindanao summit the iblog4, at least they were able to gather as Mindanawon bloggers who probably have some issues and concerns to address on their own.

Bloggers should know no boundaries because through blogging, they could help bridge divides.

But I believe that blogging could be a means for Mindanawons to air out their own distinct ideas, issues, concerns, and plans. It could build its own community.

What, How and Why? Maybe those are among things that could be talked about if bloggers from Mindanao will be allowed to meet on their own.

Again, as a relatively new blogger I can only float my ideas to thin air. I will listen and I will support whatever our organizers can cook for the best interest of all. Yabag!

(Photo of a girl performer during the Kaamulan 2007 street dancing competition in Malaybalay City on March 3. Photo grabbed from MindaNews’ Bobby Timonera’s Pbase.)


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

4 responses to “Batting for Mindanao Blogging Summit One”

  1. Blogie says :

    thanks for the input, waltzib! i’ll surely keep that in mind! 🙂

  2. patsadakarajaw says :

    Thats a very good idea. Kadugay saab. Maayo unta it would be sooner. Im still new with blogging and I want to know more inputs on how to do it more professionally.

  3. migs says :

    So it is written, so it shall be done!
    (i hope)


  4. Janette Toral says :

    I agree with you that the Mindanao Blogging Summit should take its own identity. I am supposed to tell that to Blogs the next time we chat.

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