Cebu looking closely at Davao’s growth?

dvo_chall_din.jpgWhat moves Davao?

There goes Fernando Fajardo’s piece at the Cebu Daily News Friday. I think its a take on some comparisons between the Queen City of the South and Mindanao’s premier city.

Fajardo opens with an observation on our slow traffic lately, tagging it to our supposed fast growing economy.

Fast growing economy maybe. But of course at the back of my mind I’m thinking that he might have not known that Bangkerohan Bridge is falling down — the biggest reason to hate entering and leaving downtown Dabaw these days.

But his piece is quite incisive, enough to mirror how this city is moving compared to others.

He noted, as I surmised that Cebu is of course far more advanced. He cited the gap in terms of the IT industry. But Dabaw, he said, is of of course catching up.

He said while Cebu is renowned for its Mango, Davao also has its Banana. “But Davao’s land is so good that it can produce many high-value crops, including mangoes, which are sold here at a much lower price,” he wrote. Read the whole of his piece here. (Photo grabbed fro


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2 responses to “Cebu looking closely at Davao’s growth?”

  1. SAi says :

    I think Cebu is catching with Manila not Davao. (reply me)

  2. Waltzib says :

    Hi SAi, thanks. But that was an order, I was tempted not to reply. Anyway, please read the post in full because there’s more to the title. There is no question Cebu is ahead of Davao. Cheers!

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