Eyeing ahead: On climbing Mt. Apo after Lake Venado accident

“Maybe all climbers must first undergo the ritual by our tribal elders in order to avoid similar incidents in the mountain,” chieftain Datu Simeon Serrano said as tribal elders living in the foot of the majestic Mount Apo have suggested that all mountain climbers must first undergo the traditional “pamaas,” an indigenous ritual, before they will be allowed to climb the country’s highest peak. Serrano believe that Ian Caasi, 23, a mountaineer from Davao City who drowned in the mountain’s Lake Venado on Maundy Thursday, was taken by their god “Apo Sandawa” as sacrifice. The chieftain of Sitio Sayaban of Barangay Ilomavis here, said Mount Apo is considered sacred by their ancestors and home to various spirits that govern nature. (MindaNews/ 9 April 2007)


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5 responses to “Eyeing ahead: On climbing Mt. Apo after Lake Venado accident”

  1. kokegulper says :

    Most climbers don’t have any qualms about giving due respect (e.g. pamaas) to the mountain spirits (e.g. Apo sandawa) or to our brothers beliefs or to the environment. Nonetheless, equal importance should be given to proper mountaineering skills and values as this is of paramount importance to once survival (or enjoyment) on any mountain.

  2. f u says :

    hi mother


  3. Emey says :

    mountain climbers should be really careful. they should have enough skills and must be trained well…. tour guides are really important to guide them,… they are expert on climbing mountains and mountain climbers won’t surely lost… just in case……………..

  4. Emey says :

    hello to every reader of this site!!!!!

  5. Emey says :

    luvz yah o pow!!!!!!!!!!!

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