Grecil Buya, 9

Peace be upon you young child of the hills,grecil-wib.jpg
in your teary eyes we seek the truth
may in your tomb lay your calm virtue
so pure, so innocent, but dead

May light radiate from home
and stem convictions against deceit
may the senses of the gathering you drew
gain wisdom from your agony

sleep in your tiny corner child, be still,
sleep as the winds work for you.
time will redeem you from the sore
Light spares no inch of gloom.

I’m trying to build a sort of an aggregator of stories and views about the death of alleged child soldier Grecil Buya, 9. Of course , now it is known she was  but a  rural gradeschooler.I have started with the breaking news and the MindaNews articles. This is a work in progress. Please bear with me as as it is not yet in chronological order.

How it started?: 12-year-old guerrilla killed in Compostela Valley encounter

The Verification: Parents of slain 9-year old girl: “our child was no NPA”

An appeal: WAYWARD AND FANCIFUL: Death of a nine-year old

Follow through: ComVal Gov awaits report on killing of 9-yr old girl

On Apology: WAYWARD AND FANCIFUL: The saddest day

Finally a probe: CHR sends investigators to probe Grecil killing
Caught in propaganda: COMMENT: Losing the battle for the minds

A confrontation: WAYWARD AND FANCIFUL: What about the truth?
The NGOs react: Child-focused groups urge CHR to probe Grecil case

Appeal? CHR asks military to ensure safety of civilians during operations
Too late? Grecil’s body to be exhumed for autopsy

Waiting for the report: CHR on Grecil probe: next week


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Grecil Buya, 9”

  1. Lemuel L. Artiaga says :

    Galacio salvage is just one of the many unethical moves of the arm forces of the philippines here in mindanao. I strongly suggest to AFP leadership to recommend a review among their ground tropes the stipulations of the INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW and other related covenants and treaties that the philippine government ratified in past years. their inhuman actions shows that they are incapacitated to their duty.

  2. ocjxskivb nvhoszd says :

    honmuzxpj hmpctxs ndbitog ufsrnw uncizx cswtj vcbxwtq

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