Most Pinoys want bets to have family planning agenda – poll

biazon.gifDAVAO CITY – Seventy six percent or nearly eight out of 10 Filipinos want their candidates to include family planning in their program of action, according to a commissioned nationwide survey on family planning in March by Pulse Asia.The Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc, which commissioned the survey, said the findings dispelled misconception that voters thumb down candidates who openly support modern methods of family planning as a policy of the government.

Kalayaan Pulido-Constantino, PLCPD program manager, said the findings showed that it is important for Filipinos to be able to control fertility and plan one’s family; for the government to allocate funds for artificial methods of family planning, and for candidates to include family planning in their platform.

The survey also showed that in the Philippine where majority of the populace belong to the Roman Catholic Church, which opposed artificial birth control, respondents believed the church should not participate in the discussion of family planning methods couples are to use.

About 44 percent of around 1,800 respondents nationwide discounted Church intervention while 33 percent said the church should take part.  
Survey results in the Muslim-dominated Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao  showed there are fewer respondents saying family planning is important and candidates favoring family planning win the elections. (Photo shows Senator Rodolfo Biazon one of the advocates of family planning in the Senate)


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