Pride over Dabawenyo coffee

javaman.gifEven if in the strictest sense I am not a Dabawenyo because I am originally from Monks’ Blend Coffee country, Bukidnon; I am a Dabawenyo by heart.

And I am bit prouder as a Dabawenyo tonight. (At least three hours ago: 11p.m. Thursday night)

Its actually for a mundane reason. I heard my new found friends from Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Pagadian, and Subic praise Davao’s Durian Coffee as veeeeeery good.

Most of them were from the Union of Catholic Asian News, which I recently joined and they were out to unwind Thursday night.
We ended up in the Matina Town Square. Since half of the group, including me, wanted to beer out and the others, to coffee dive; we choose Taboan and ordered coffee from the shop across.

The reporters said the Davao cafe’s Durian coffee is sooooo good. One of them even asked if there is an “instant coffee” version which he can bring back to Manila. Is there an instant Durian coffee?

I liked hearing them admire the coffee. In my mind, that was a jump off topic. From there they started talking about durian fruit and some other stuff the city could offer.

Of course, Digong or Mayor Rodrigo Duterte figured in the discussion what with his prominence as a city attraction himself (Unfortunately, somebody raised more decibel for his being the punisher, which I think did not auger well withthe night’s  coffee or beer for that matter.).

Anyway, back to Taboan. Now I have another idea for a welcome treat for friends from outside Davao – durian coffee test – especially those who plead being disgusted at the heavenly pulps’ taste or even smell.

Honestly, I don’t prefer ordering Durian Coffee for the simple reason I liked my coffee to be real (read: pure and black) and my Durian to be in fresh pulp.

But listening to them taste the fanciful Durian coffee is amazing. I got carried away and even told one of them, that’s “onli in Dabaw.”

One of these days I’ll include this in my “Seven” lists. (Photo grabbed from


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