Reality check: Private and Public sector commitments to ICT in Mindanao

ict-industry.jpg Found this on the Mindanao Business Council website or a link to it. As the organizers are preparing for the 6th Mindanao ICT Congress, I believe this is a useful information for a reality check.

Basing on the 4th TechnoKapehan IT Forum Wednesday at the Market Basket in the Damosa IT Park, Davao’s IT-enabled industries are confident they can consolidate and move forward.

  • “In the presence of close to 450 Mindanao ICT Stakeholders attending the 5th Mindanao ICT Congress in Cagayan de Oro City, the Mindanao Business Council (MinBC) presented last week to the Commission on ICT (CICT) this year’s MICT Action Agenda. The agenda, which was handed by MinBC Chairperson Romeo J. Serra to CICT Secretary Ramon P. Sales, outlines both the private and public sector commitments needed to accelerate the establishment of sufficient ICT infrastructure for Mindanao, on positioning Mindanao as a hub for e-services, on enhancing the ICT competitiveness of Mindanao’s human capital, and on enabling government to become ICT-equipped in providing better services.The Commission on ICT (CICT) will be partnering with the private sector, LGUs, and civil society in the establishment of Community e-Centers (CeCs) in all municipalities prioritizing the digitally excluded areas in Mindanao. The Mindanao Business Council (MinBC), on the other hand, encourages hotel operators and their association and other major commercial and business centers to provide broadband connectivity to their customers as a strategy to enhance business competitiveness.
  • Moreover, the local government units are to fast tract approval of the establishment of IT parks and partner with the local chambers of commerce in intensifying investment promotions on the identified IT parks.
  • MinBC will be working with the Mindanao Economic Development Council (MedCo) through the Mindanao ICT Task Force in spearheading the conceptualization and development of the Mindanao ICT Databank project. Furthermore, the MinBC website,, will serve as the ‘virtual feedback portal’ to update stakeholders on initiatives towards ICT development in Mindanao and will facilitate an online forum for interactive consultations regarding ICT development.
  • The CICT will also be partnering with the Mindanao Business Council in the proposed creation of an ICT Competency Assurance Body, and other stakeholders in the accreditation and certification of ICT standards.
  • Meanwhile, the Mindanao LGUs, especially those included in the Philippine Cyberservices Corridor, are urged to pass a local ordinance/resolution supporting ICT development and to strengthen initiatives in the industry.
  • And as initiated by the 5th MICT Congress, MinBC will be institutionalizing the showcase of Mindanao students and professionals’ skills in various fields such as animation, software development, graphics design, among others through the annually held MICT Congress”

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One response to “Reality check: Private and Public sector commitments to ICT in Mindanao”

  1. Blogie says :

    Hmmm… Thanks for this heads-up, Waltz!! I will post on my blog about this very soon — this deserves to be threshed out further!

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