On Earth Day, Davao City cites pro-environment feats

dvo_chall_din.jpgTalk of being one of Asia’s most livable cities. . . .

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/22 April) — The city government here announced it has
scored in environmental protection and conservation citing feats such as
pro-environment legislation and a solid waste management program that managed
to cut waste disposal by more than half, officials said.

Engr. Jocelyn Espina, City Environment and Natural Resources Office chief,
said the city is in control of its waste management system and cited other
achievements during the city government’s “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” (From
the masses, for the masses”) television program Sunday.
Espina said the city is complying with Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological
Solid Waste Management Act.In May last year, the city government launched a P200-million modern garbage
disposal system where segregation was mandated from the household level.
The city government has boasted that it is the leading implementer of the
solid management act.

Espina cited the city’s performance in complying with Sec. 20 of the law
requiring at least 25 percent reduction or diversion of solid waste from the
dumpsite to reuse, recycling and composting activities.

Apart from segregation using separate plastic bins for biodegradable and
non-biodegradable materials, the system also calls for the collection of
garbage using 10 state of the art hydraulic compactor trucks.

Espina said the city has at least 20,250 garbage bins and are planning to buy
9,000 more to accommodate the city’s 700-750 tons of solid waste everyday.
She said the city managed to divert 56 percent of its solid waste from

She said they have also required industries and plantations to
manage their own waste disposal system with their “Basura mo, pananagutan mo”
(Your trash is your responsibility) campaign.

Espina said they were able to cut operational expenses in garbage collection
by maximizing the load of the trucks and careful monitoring.

She said from 85 trips a day they were able to cut it down to 70 trips per
day, 40 of the trips run by private trucks.

From its pilot area in GSIS Heights last year, garbage segregation and
collection now runs in 96 of the city’s 182 barangays. She said they have
recommended on-site disposal in the rest of the barangays because they are remote.

Espina announced they have already started this week building the P268 million
sanitary landfill of the city in New Carmen, Tugbok, south of Davao City. The
landfill will be built on a five-hectare property in the next 18 months.

Espina also discussed the waste exchange program, a strategy initiated with
the city’s industrial plantations, to swap useful waste among industry
players. She said they had been running the program since three years ago.

She cited carbon waste that can be used in composting, an alternative for
expensive fertilizers.

She did not cite figures but said tons of wastes had been reduced using the
exchange program.

She also cited the “Balik Pabrika” program an effort of the city for recycling
of non-biodegradable solid wastes like bottles, plastics and others in 178
junkshops around the city. She said they link the sources of the materials to
the buyers.

She said the system works with the implementation of materials recovery
facility in each barangay or cluster of barangay and in every plantation or
institution like schools.

She cited Davao’s composting facility which produces five to six tons daily.
She said the city government has used the output for the fertilizer needs of
the city’s center islands, parks and playgrounds.

She said the city has propagated farm-based composting systems among local
partners helping farmers earn more and reduce cost and also environment friendly.

Espina said along with the city’s compliance to the solid waste management
law, it has also continued its other environmental and natural resources
management programs.

THe city government has recently passed an ordinance banning aerial spraying
of chemicals over plantations. (Walter I. Balane/MindaNews)


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7 responses to “On Earth Day, Davao City cites pro-environment feats”

  1. davaeña says :

    Government officials were implementing about this environmental act and zero waste management….I was concerned about how the housing development planners managed to provide houses in Davao city..As I looked everywhere particularly in the greener area, I was saddened to look at those trees being cut off just to build houses, almost subdivisions were built. This is good only for the rich people who can afford lot worth millions and build luxurious houses for their own comfort. Most of them were not really grown up in Davao City. They were wealthy individuals came from other countries or from manila. I don’t care if they like the place because there is so much fruits to eat here or do not encounter typhoons. Sana hindi natin makakalimutan na mas importante pa rin yung pag-alaga ng environment. Nakakalungkot dahil unti-unting nawawala yung trees, particularly in the mountainous area of Shrine Hills….WAKE UP! WAKE UP PEOPLE IN DAVAO CITY…

  2. eagowl says :

    I agree we are complacant when it comes to building houses, i hope our local gov’t act on Shrine Hills , kalbo na tlaga siya at yung plano na mag lagay na naman sila ng housing sa watershed area sa Lipadas ay dapat hindi matuloy

  3. franilyn a. sendiong says :

    the solid waste management program is indeed a breakthrough for Davao. it managed a lot of wastes in our city, though were still on the processess of achieving the total-zero-waste.. i hope we can have a full-pack implementation and monitoring of it..
    its not olnly enuf that we have carefully launched it but more importantly is on how we would stabilize or maintain the said program with flying colors..

    anyway, i am a student of Ateneo..
    we are making research on the Solid Waste Management Program as part of our requirements in the class.
    i would like to ask copies of review of related literature..
    a guide or bases or information taht may help us in our research..
    primarily, our objectives are to

    Ø Describe Davao City’s Solid Waste and Management program.
    Ø Know the weaknesses and strength’s of the said program.
    Ø Know the factors affecting the implementation.
    Ø Know the opportunities and threats in the said program.

    i hope you could help us and eventually, we could also help integrate as we would contribute to the said program.
    thanks and more powers!

  4. Honey Lou S. Campos says :

    Hi! I’m a 3rd year college student from the University of Southeastern Philippines. I’m taking up the course Bachelor of Science in Economics. I just want to ask if you could give me a data that will show how the solid waste management here in Davao City improves the health of the people living here, tourism industry, environmental conservation and especially matters about how SWM alleviates proverty…

    I’m very desperate and it’s a research I’m currently making up. The topic SWM is very close to my heart and here lies my interest coz it’s linked to the environment. And I really love Mother Nature…

    Will you help me? Pretty please… hope you will!

    Hoping for your positive response.

    More Power and GODspeed.

    P.S. my full name is Honey Lou S. Campos **,

  5. roxan rosel says :

    do u have the stats or figures regarding the solid waste management and its achievements so far? 😀 i badly need it for a study that could help the city 😀

  6. mimi says :

    ..did punta dumalag -3 Matina Aplaya, DAvao City,really practicing the proper segragation of solid waste???

  7. mhe says :

    can you giv me da status of waste management in barangay buhangin.Thanks

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