Ban won’t solve Mt. Apo climb concerns- climbers’ fed chief

DAVAO CITY – Banning won’t solve the problems in climbing Mt. Apo, the leader of the region’s federation of mountaineers said Monday night in reaction to plans by the Protected Areas Management Board to blacklist one of its member-groups from climbing the natural park in the next three years.

Rey Sumagaysay, president of the Mountaineers Federation in Southern Mindanao, said zeroing in on the Mindanao Alliance Mountaineering Club (MALMOC), the group of Ian Caasi, who drowned in a lake in the park on April 5, isn’t just.

”What happened was a freak accident,” Sumagaysay told MindaNews in a telephone interview as he appealed for parties concerned to move on and instead learn from what happened. 

“We should stop blaming and start working on what can be improved,” he said. (Full account to follow)



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2 responses to “Ban won’t solve Mt. Apo climb concerns- climbers’ fed chief”

  1. kitoy says :

    ban will not really solve it. mountaineering groups should review their safety guidelines — review basic mountaineering course,etc. many mountaineers are climbing the mountains without proper orientation. it’s just for the hell of being a mountaineer, but in the end some are just “wannabes.” mountaineering is not fashion or a’s a sport.

  2. Jing says :

    i agree with kitoy regarding some people who just want to belong to a mountaineering group for just the fun of feeling good to themselves or to others without really having had the know-how of a real mountaineer. in other words these guys just don’t have an iota of survival skills to endure physical fatigue and against the elements. it’s time leaders of mountaineering groups keep a leash on their members to preempt that freak accident and be accountable to society.

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