To Disneyland and back in 10 hours

I’m back for a day of hiatus. “I just arrived from Disneyland in a quickie trip.”
I’ve wanted to use that quote the moment I thought I’m blogging on this.

Actually, before you would think about a stupid trip that I might have taken (10 hours?!!! even DL-HK, still not logical even if possible), I’ll put it straight.

I just arrived from Tamayong where the flock of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy runs a prayer mountain.

I got invited to cover the chief minister’s 58th birthday — with many politicians, businessmen and government officials present as guests.

The members of the Davao city council, who could barely form a quorum on session day were almost present in the party, except for two.

The moment I stepped out of the car that bought us to the seven-hectare property – I told colleagues the place looks like a theme park —suggesting Disneyland as the closest to it.

The ‘Kingdom citizens’ as Pastor Quiboloy would call his flock were kind and very accommodating. The food was great. Even if it was raining, the highland temperature in the park, I mean, prayer mountain was perfect for a weekend outing (just that I was caught in it on a Wednesday.) The flowers and ornaments in the well-landscaped property were eye-catching.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte led local politicians in the sumptuous testimonial dinner held at the golf clubhousey Martha’s Vineyard, the parks – I mean – the compound’s receiving area.

Senatoriables also had an audience with the religious leader to “greet him Happy Birthday.” Chiz Escudero, Manny Villar, Loren Legarda, Ralph Recto , Chavit Singson, and Prospero Pichay hopped in separately from noon (Chiz) to almost midnight (Pichay).

Along with nose-bleeding political gimmickry esp. among the senatoriables, the news subjects become abundant.

“An expected response of the birthday greetings, of course, could be an endorsement from the pastor come May 6, eight days before elections, when he said his list will come out by then.

With around 2 million supporters nationwide and with Davao as biggest home of members, the pastor’s endorsement cannot be underestimated.

I should probably understand the complete attendance and the tedious trip from the campaign trail.

In Tamayong, it is not only the place that exuded a theme park persona.

I also saw at least three of the senatorial bets who looked more or less like some Disney characters – one of them probably Bugs Bunny (although he is of the Warner Bros’ Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies fame) . That’s my opinion. You can guess!


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