(Updated 3 w/ more photos) Why the roads in Pichay country are bad?

sample-road.jpg(Updated as of May 28, 2007. Thanks to the comment of Linda below. She has provided some answers to some of my QUESTIONS in this post. Despite her tone, her comments are fully appreciated. I’m pleased to be corrected also that I mistook the town where the bridge went down. It’s Cagwait, not Gigaquit as earlier posted. But I stand by my own direct and personal account of the conditions of the roads. Maybe its true long roads were paved. What we saw, however, is a series of disconnected paved roads where the rough parts appear to be longer. Anyway, Thank you Linda!)

I’m in Tandag, Surigao del Sur since April 26.

We were invited to share and exchange technology with a community initiative.
I’ll share some more about what has transpired in the training later.

For now, I can’t wait to tell you Tandag is in Pichay country and its the irony of ironies.

I cannot understand why the biggest spender in the senatorial campaign (at least gauging TV ads spending) cannot even raise support for funds to build good roads in the congressional district he is representing? (Photo courtesy of Skippy Lumawag, shows a portion of the road in Cagwait town, Surigao del Sur)

bridge.jpgTravel time and road quality in this part of the country make you think some parties might have blocked purposely the construction of paved roads or more concrete bridges all the way to protect some interests, like family businesses for example? Actually, I know why but how exactly I have no idea.

Of cours as a legislator Rep. Prospero Pichay’s mandate is for sound legislation. I should have let that pass. Why couldn’t he run for an executive position instead in the local government here so that he can really attend to local issues?


Why can’t he say “tutuparin ko ang mga pangarap ninyo mga taga Surigao del Sur” before even entering national politics as a member of the Senate? Just asking.

The road conditions here certainly showed Surigao del Sur needs Mr. Pichay more than the Senate does.

Of course this is just an opinion. But I shared this with at least ten Surigaonons I was able to talk to.
Anyway, I’m just asking if the honorable congressman’s party has answers to these kinds of questions? bridge2.jpgSomeone even told me Mr. Pro-Pinoy “itanim sa Senado” could not really feel the problem of the road conditions because he has his own aircraft, anyway. As opened by Linda (comment below), the congressman was actually able to provide the province with infrastrucuture among other projects.
Despite these conditions, however, the province is a beautiful country. scene11.jpg

Normally, its not easy for me to buy these kinds of ideas right away. I’m searching for answers why Surigao del Sur, probably home of gold reserves and other abundant natural resources appears to be problematic – at least just by looking at the highway. I could use some answers from all sides — including Mr. Pichay’s supporters.


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12 responses to “(Updated 3 w/ more photos) Why the roads in Pichay country are bad?”

  1. kitoy says :

    you know why the road is bad? it looks like a cultivated garden, right? because it’s being prepared to be planted with Pichay, patola and camote!!!!

  2. Waltzib says :

    Actually i wasn’t very specific in my post. It was a mix of paved-sand and graveled-soil and also bridges that looks like disasters waiting to happen.
    The one in the photo is in a town just 30 minutes from Tandag, which is Gigaquit town where a bridge collapsed due an overweight truckload of Coca Cola softdrinks bound for Tandag.
    Only light vehicles like MindaWind (MindaNews Crosswind) was able to go through an alternative bridge kilometers apart.
    So stranded ang public transpo.

  3. eksposi says :

    visit our site also, we are kinda watchdog too this election.

  4. mindanaw says :

    hi eksposi. thanks. I’ve visited your site before, it is unique and also very critical, which are good stuff a site has to be made of. A friend from LRC asked me to visit it. Thanks for dropping by. Ill drop by often. IS it OK to link?

  5. eksposi says :

    yes, sure. you can link our site. if you have some stuff that you wanted to post in our site — stuff that sounds not good for your site — just email them to us. we are just a bunch of frustrated voters who wanted to educate others.

  6. linda says :

    hoy anong pinagsasabi mo ang gigaquit ay nasa surigao del norte,hindi sa surigao del sur,alam mo bang more than 100kelometers na ang napa concrete ni pichay within the span of 2 term,and many other most needed projects like brigdes,agriculture,health programs, hospitals,school buildings,befor he became congressman almost 70percent of the district has no electricity,within his term all barangays is now enjoying his electrification effort.and many more programs and projects…sinasabi mo lang yan dahil kontra partido ka…sori ka na lang…

  7. manila says :

    kapal talaga ni pichay e, mga hayok sa laman! wahahaha

  8. Chris says :

    Meron nga portions of fresh concrete roads but these were now used as solar dryers for newly-harvested rice by farmers living near the national highway. Bumisita kami Friday at yan ang nakita namin. Hindi lang pala Pichay taniman ang highway kundi palay din

  9. Chris says :

    Can I use some of your comments as my my sources for my write up in the inquirer?

  10. joyce says :

    hahay anong mataming nagawa si pichay? hello……… eh kahit nga magtanim na pichay sa mga highway d pa magawa……… hello kapal nya kaya! during the time of senatorial election his proud to say in the public na sementado na ang surigao del sur, pro ang pinakita nya yong part lng na srmrntado………

  11. joyce says :

    for 21 years in surigao del sur until siguro ma tsugi ko d pa ghapon matapos ang dalan dhaa……. it takes tht long ba gyud para mkakuha og pondo pa semento?

  12. Cris says :

    Hahahahahahaha….funny commenting stuff but it is true!!! Just wondering why for many years and many politicians was elected, infrastructures in Surigao del sur are very poor. Yeah! there are some roads they’ve been working on but still underconstruction and poor quality of materials-( in short gaconstruct lagi sila pero dili pud pulido ang pagkabuhat. Try to look at the bridge connecting Diatagon-St. christine)Wake up people!!!!!! Look around….ato kwarta gibulsa nila!!!!

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