Davao in Surigao

Just very quickly: After experiencing Surigao del Sur in our quick trip to the province facing the Pacific, my friends and I decided to produce a “new” TV ad for second district Rep. Prospero Pichay.

The script includes a scene with the actor planting “pechay” along a muddy portion of the Surigao highway.

We thought of a genuine scene so we dropped by Tandag’s public market early morning to buy the green leafy vegetable.

We found out most of the vegetable supply in the market came from Davao City! Even fish sold are from General Santos City! (Later, I found out its bulanon season (full moon) so fish is hard to catch. Ok!

Luckily, they sold pechay from the neighboring town of San Miguel.

My first reaction was that I felt proud about Davao City’s reach around Mindanao. Who wouldn’t be proud, right?

But I also took a quick fix: what’s happening in Surigao why it has to ‘import’ vegetables from other places? These vegetables can be grown in backyards or plantation sizes in the province’s fertile lands?

On a Sunday, there were more pairs of relief or second hand shoes (ukay-ukay) than fish on display at the market’s fish section.

Yes, I know my limits as a parachute blogger pretending to be a bummer in Mindanao – my observations could be partial.


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