Snippets of elections stuff in Northern Mindanao

I’m still on vacation leave (accumulated days-off) here in Malaybalay City and I found myself glued to local television one night.

I caught a portion of local news where a supposed army major was caught in a rally in Cagayan de Oro City distributing propaganda materials against a progressive party list group.

The officer initially denied he was from the military but when asked by a prominent human rights lawyer he gave in and revealed his identity. I didn’t get the name but this one is really something.Well, its already public knowledge that the military has been involved in black propaganda –just that this time its caught. The last time I checked — this is still a civilian dominated country and the military is supposed to be neutral in the polls. Right?

I also noticed political ads by Mindanawon candidates like Surigao Rep. Prospero Pichay and Bukidnon Rep. Miguel Zubiri. This time they appeal to the Mindanawons to choose them for they will become their “voice” in the Senate.

This could be inline with the PR spin not to neglect the area where the candidates are “believed” to be strong. Are they?

I’ve told a friend before that I’m going to include Zubiri in my shortlist because it could be our only chance to have a senator from Bukidnon. But … its not yet final. I already have eight in my list and I still have to fill in four.

Speaking of Bukidnon, I heard from the radio the fierce competition between the Zubiri and the Acosta campaigns with the latter crying foul of political harassments.

Firstly, I honor and respect Rep. Acosta for being brave enough to run against Zubiri. This time I can really say its a good match. I have respect for both politicians political savvy, although I could not really say they are both effective leaders.

In fairness they both have strengths and weaknesses and in many ways were able to help improve the province in its recent history. Of course I was also appraised of their respective skeletons in their closets, many of which I believe are already known to the public, although have not been validated by an independent probe.

My father has been tapped to help Glen Galario, son of Valencia City Mayor Jose, in the campaign. His support is rooted in the candidates supposed promised to help our community, where Papa is freelance community organizer.
He lent time and networks to the campaign but stressed he still will support Gov. Zubiri, nemesis of the Galarios.

The people of Baungon town have also aired support for kababayan former elections commissioner Virgillo Garcillano, who is batting for congressman of Bukidnon’s 1st district against Acosta’s sister and another candidate, Zubiri’s bet.

Hello Garci is running an uphill campaign, but his neighbors said he will get their support .

Hmm… I think election coverage would be more fun in Bukidnon than in Davao, in general.


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