Distasteful text message on Pacquiao

I have always been a boxing fan, and Pacman is no exemption. And even if I balked at his decision to run for a congressional seat,  that doesn’t mean I was happy hearing about text messages of his alleged ambush.

On the way to an out of town coverage (actually while pulling myself out from the Dela Hoya-Mayweather fight) this morning in the outskirts of Bukidnon, I got this message, subject of this GMA News.tv report.

It’s disgusting how others seem to find amusement in other people’s distress. Have we ceased to become humans, at least?

Opkors, I also do not buy the idea it is a spin from Pacquiao’s opponent in General Santos City. That’s an easy escape, but one that is even cheaper and more unpleasant than the rumor itself.


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A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Distasteful text message on Pacquiao”

  1. Jim says :

    exactly, one can never know the source of the distasteful text message but one can never contest popular belief as to the source of the text message, which is a very serious development against Pacquiao’s opponent–if only the Filipino voters would finally vote wisely

  2. ev says :

    hmmm…when pacquio decided to run, i dont know actually how i would react on it…mag boxer na lang sya..sikat sya dun..well, am off the topic..but i simply do not like the idea of pacquio getting into politics.

    that txt msg. is absurd…senseless…well, mao na ang disadvantage sa new tech karon..evrything can be played..words lang na pero pwede tuohan dayon.

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