(Updated) “Hello Commissioner!”


(Updated with a link below as of May 10.) I took this photo of former elections commissioner Virgillo Garcillano on May 5 before his evening rally at Brgy. Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

The commissioner is now a candidate. “Garci” is running for the congressional seat last termer Rep. Neric Acosta is vacating in Bukidnon’s first district.

He said he is running, first, to clear his name. He said at the height of the controversy “everything I said is a lie.”

The controversial ex-commissioner accused of rigging the results of the 2004 presidential elections who figured in the “Hello Garci” controversy, even complained against dirty politics in the province.

“Garci” has espoused proposed programs for the poor in the province and to bat for electoral reforms in the country once elected. Will people, starting from the first district of Bukidnon, give him a chance to clear his name via a vote of support?What if Garcillano was the victim not the villain of the story?

Garci told MindaNews of many things that may not have been made public related to the controversy, involving high officials of government and the military.

By listening to him speak, I realized how small the public might have known about how this country is being run. It’s now a question of whom to trust? Read his own cry against dirty politics here. More on “Garci” in the next posts.


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One response to “(Updated) “Hello Commissioner!””

  1. Jun P says :

    That picture reflects our rotten and corrupt system.You
    dont need to use a microscope to see it.You can see
    it right into his eyes,how wicked his soul is.Now,he
    has the nerve to ask for the peoples vote.Shame does
    not exist in some of our public officials values.In some
    countries,they will resign or even commit suicide if their
    names are implicated in a scandal.Only in our country,people
    uses their own scandal for their own gain.WALA NA TALA-

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