Will Bangkerohan Bridge be a casualty of the TU poor showing in Davao?

DAVAO CITY –  The Dabawenyos vote for the opposition’s senatorial slate voting 8-2-2 have raised questions on whether Davao City still gets the funding from Malacañang to rebuild Bangkerohan bridge and how soon?

Regional Director Dimas Suguilon, of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Southeastern Mindanao, said it will be pursued.

He said, however, that they have no idea yet from where the President will source the fund.

Suguilon said President Arroyo will consider the need of the people over politics despite the dismal vote Team Unity senatorial bets got from Dabawenyos.He cited two options: under the President’s Bridge Program or from a separate funding for complete reconstruction.

Suguilon estimated the budget for the reconstruction to be “more or less” P300 million.

Since the Gov. Generoso Bridge was closed to traffic last month due to a near-collapse condition, Dabawenyos have been asking how soon the bridge will be built as it caused traffic congestions and rerouting.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said there is no local funding to rebuild the bridge and the city government is relying on the national government for it.

He told reporters earlier the DPWH request for funding, with the supposed intercession of Davao City-based officials closed to the President was slowed down by the election moratorium on infrastructure projects.

Suguilon said they are already at the project design level and eyeing to start “full blast” reconstruction by July and completion by December 2007.

Hadji Pundidato Mitmug, DPWH assistant regional director for maintenance, told MindaNews the day after the bridge was closed to traffic that it has a  life span of only 25 years and has long been monitored to be ripe for replacement. He cited financial constraints among the problems.

Gov. Generoso Bridge 1, constructed in 1946 according to Suguilon, stands beside another bridge by the same name. Traffic used to flow via two-lane one way bridge.

As the question on the former’s reconstruction hangs, the other bridge is used as a two-way alternative causing slower traffic and longer travel time to and from downtown Davao City via MacArthur Highway.

The city’s traffic management scheme is yet to release an alternative traffic scheme as classes reopen in June. (Walter I. Balane/ MindaNews)


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5 responses to “Will Bangkerohan Bridge be a casualty of the TU poor showing in Davao?”

  1. Blogie says :

    Wait a minute… They knew of the bridge’s lifespan and they were “monitoring” it, and yet they did nothing to warn the public???We were lucky nobody got hurt when the bridge was damaged. If someone had died, heads would definitely have rolled!

  2. Waltzib says :

    Yes. I wrote about it before. They were so inconsistent about the “monitoring” thing. Asst. regional director Hadji Mitmug said they knew about it all the while in an inteview on April 12.
    RD Suguilon said (which I failed to mention in the report) that it was monitored to be “replaceable but still passable”. He said it was just that a big truck passed on April 12 causing the “supposed” untimely closure. Wew.
    He said they are “closely watching” another bridge in Toril with similar condition as that of Gov. Generoso’s.
    We were trying to dig deeper on the policy of replacing bridge and public warning needed.road safety ba, grabe lagi.

  3. KaBlog says :

    What do you expect people from DPWH. They are either too complacent, too naive, too thick faced, too used of the bureaucracy, too numb to corruption – whichever way, all these make them really stupid. From what I heard the design of the bridge is already done by DPWH 11 but their Manila office is still to approve it. Until this design isnt approve no movement will be seen in the space that was once occupied by the 57 year old Bankerohan Bridge.Now they too are blaming the local officials for changing minds, President Arroyo for ignoring Davao becoz her TU failed in Davao City. The very people in the designing section says his bosses are partly to be blamed. of course that cannot be said in the media.

  4. Alaine T. says :

    They really sound stupid, don’t they? I am so ashamed of them. They are the only ones convinced with what they are saying. They think they can fool us. DPWH could have recommended it for reconstruction for the past 20 years. They should have tagged it “with highest priority or else lives will be lost”. How can they just say that it is still passable when they claim that the life span of any concrete is only 25 years. The engineers of DPWH must be slammed with serious case of negligence. Their licences should be canceled.

    Oh by the way, I heard that just recently the personnel division of DPWH eleven made an assessment of engineers with licenses. My rough estimate is that 95% had expired licesenses as of 2006. Even the regional director had an expired license. My God! How can these people practice engineering without licenses? How can we trust our safety with these people?

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